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Bulk SMS - E-SMS Gateway - Adding SMS to email based Helpdesk, CRM and Recruitment platforms


txtNation's E-SMS Gateway makes it simple for any email-based platform to trigger SMS, email or both simultaneously, and accept replies by either channel.

txtNation's E-SMS Gateway enables you to provide SMS Support (aka Text Support) and SMS Customer Relationship Management and SMS recruitment, universally compatible with multiple platforms. The service integrates directly with most support platforms such as Zendesk, Zoho Support and Oracle and CRM providers such as Salesforce, Sugar,  Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a seamless integration to work alongside, in addition to, or instead of email support.


Email-to-SMS via Virtual Mobile Number (VMN)










...and many more. Most Helpdesk, CRM and Recruitment platforms are supported.


How Does It Work?

Without the need for developers, or even the hassle of reconfiguring support system settings, easily setup 2-way SMS interaction through emails.

The 2-way communication is triggered in two ways, either ‘proactively’ where the customer support agent pushes a text message, or ‘reactively’ where a number is promoted encouraging text messages from those who need interaction.

'Proactively' via Email-to-SMS


txtNation's E-SMS Gateway provides SMS-to-email and email-to-SMS functionality. Messages are sent by simply adding an email address containing the user's MSISDN (internationally formatted mobile phone number) followed by either:

- your own domain e.g.


- our domain e.g. (domain provided on request)


'Reactively' via SMS-to-email

Recipients can respond simply by replying to the text message, replies are sent back to the email that messages were sent from (along with platform specific routing information if needed) or to the central inbound email address.

txtNation's system makes it simple for any ticket to trigger SMS, email or both simultaneously, and accept replies by either channel.


Limitations and Protection

Outbound messages are limited to 160 characters. Contact your account manager if you want to enable more than 160 characters for Email-to-SMS. Concatenated messaging will then be enabled allowing a number of messages to appear as one when delivered to users handsets. 

Please note some special characters can consume more than one character.

txtNation have built in prevention controls so agents can’t accidentally trigger many SMS messages that were intended for email. One method is to update the ticket stating that the SMS was not sent as it was over 160 characters (email still sent), the other is to trim the message adding in the final portion of the 160 characters "..cont@". 


Number Formatting

Messages are sent to a domestic mobile number so it looks like the agent has sent it from their mobile phone. This human touch has been shown to increase response rates compared to email interaction where customers often ignore what they perceive as an automated template. SMS is also a great way to get attention drawn to  non-responsive tickets, e.g. "Hey George, it's Jack from txtNation, poss to reply to please?"

txtNation has a wealth of worldwide network operator connections allowing them to easily provide longcodes in most countries in the world via readily available SMS numbers or hosted SIMS. Additionally, in many countries, ‘golden’ memorable numbers can be sourced, and also, unlike Zendesk, txtNation can provide shortcodes for 2-way communications which are typically 5 or 6 digit short numbers. txtNation also can provide free-text numbers where there is no cost for the user to send, much like a freephone number, rather than using up messages in a plan or pre-paid credit.


Numbers must be entered in International Format. This means strip any leading zeros or + symbols.

Country examples:

USA 16032875169
UK 447933334333 


Can I populate the emails containing the MSISDNs automatically based on the user input?

Yes, however without coding, which would involve your developer creating users via your platforms API, the easiest way is to copy and paste the provided number into the email field when sending to the user and adding the domain extension. 


On my platform for each contact, how can I tell which is the SMS and which is the email record?

When creating users we suggesting using a naming convention so you can easily find them again if you want to add / remove SMS from tickets. e.g. 

Email naming convention:
Firstname Secondname Companyname
Joe Blogs Cocacola  

SMS naming convention
Firstname Secondname Companyname SMS
Joe Blogs Cocacola SMS


For sending SMS click the "Pricing" button on for the latest pricing. For receiving SMS this depends on the country, please contact for pricing. 


We're here to help. Livechat with us 24/7 here, or if you have any questions don't hesitate to log a ticket at


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