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HLR Lookup - Pre-paid or Contract Lookups


Perform 'Pay As You Go' or 'Pay Monthly' Lookups

In addition to being able to detect if a phone is available and active, txtNation offer an extension to an HLR that allows you to see if a mobile number is residing on a contracted monthly plan or a pre-paid SIM cards. 

38% of the UK market owns a Pay As You Go SIM, and txtNation is able to offer a lookup to see this valuable data. Should you require access to this premium service, please contact your account manager who can provide pricing. 


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Who uses 'Pay As You Go' or 'Pay Monthly' Lookups?

Companies looking to perform this kind of lookup are many and varied, however we see typical use cases in business related to:

- Calling cards
- Reverse calling
- MVNO’s
- Mobile top-up providers
- Payday loan and traditional loan companies
- Marketing and data list providers
- Ridesharing
- Ticketing
- Virtual credit cards
- Digital wallet top-ups
- Clients requiring fraud screening


Use Cases Explained 

Affluence Correlation

Post-paid users on a contract are typically more affluent, and marketers are willing to pay more for rich data accompanying mobile numbers to help deliver better ROI on campaigns, or service offerings can be tailored, offering better terms for post-paid users as they are more likely to convert.

Direct Carrier Billing and Premium Mobile Services

Pre-paid users by their very nature have pre-paid for the airtime, so users of premium mobile services are unable to refuse to pay their bill at the end of the month, reducing the possibility for bad debt.

For example, clients offering premium mobile services could expect a higher successful billing return on contract phones as there will be less “no credit” delivery reports when compared to contract.

Risk Management

When risk management is a big priority, often fraud rules can be configured to strict. Pay as you go phones have a reputation for being untraceable, albeit that is not always the case, however if you are using mobile phone numbers for risk, fraud management and security screening, detecting if a phone is not on a monthly contract could be a trigger to ask for an alternative form of verification, as it is weaker than someone who is verified as being on a contract with their network operator.

For services looking to prevent users setting up multiple accounts, to take advantage of free offers for example, SIM hopping can be prevented by disallowing pay as you go SIMs, or adding extra validation if a pre-paid mobile phone number is given.

Loan Offerings

Payday loan marketers requiring to detect if a user is pre or post paid would likely find that pre-paid users are a better demographic for targeting.


MVNOs know all to well that the time most likely for a prepaid customer to switch to a different service provider is when the prepaid account reaches a "zero credit balance". txtNation can also offer a service where clients can receive data surrounding users who are out of credit, and have opted in to receive marketing messages.


Having analysed pre-paid vs post-paid Average Return Per User (ARPU) clients may find that contracted mobile phone users are say an ARPU of £30 per month whereas pre-paid is £15. Pre-paid users may be higher-risk if they signed up less than one month ago. Pre-paid users can be moved to medium risk if case they signed up more than one month ago and have no history of bad payment. This data can accompany payment velocity behaviour so users can fluidly move between risk groups.




How many can I search?

There is now limit to the amount you can search. txtNation requires you to send a CSV with the numbers that you want to lookup, txtNation will return a CSV to you with the results in approximately 2 to 3 business days.

What data do you return?

In the standard offering, the MSISDN and if it is a Pre-paid or Contract number is returned. This can also be enriched with the normal HLR data:

- Live number - (yes / no)
- Current network - (network name)
- Original network - (network name)
- Roaming - (country roaming on name) 
- Mobile Service Center (MSC) - (number) 
- International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) - (number)
- Mobile Country Code & Mobile Network Code (MCC/MNC) - (number)


Which networks are supported?

All major UK networks are supported apart from Vodafone. 


How much does it cost? 

Please contact your txtNation account manager for pricing. 


How do you get the results?

txtNation works with many network operators throughout the world and has interconnect agreements that makes performing HLR lookups over the SS7 network possible. Some of the data not normally available via a standard HLR lookup can be analysed to give the required results. 




We're here to help. If you have any questions don't hesitate to log a ticket at



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