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Bulk SMS - Desktop SMS SMPP Debug Option


txtNation's Bulk SMS - Desktop SMS SMPP tool, which enables users to quickly send batches, and equally well to just send single SMS messages, from their desktop PC, has guided debugging to assist developers with their SMPP API connection to txtNation's SMPP SMS platform.

To inspect the SMPP packets you'll need to download and install Wireshark:

This will enable you to capture and examine all the data packets sent using the SMPP protocol by the txtNation SMS desktop app.

Step 1

Open the txtNation SMS app and prepare a test send:



Step 2

Open Wireshark:



Highlight the network interface your computer uses to connect to the internet (in this case, Wi-Fi).

In the capture filter text box, enter "ip host", this will limit Wireshark to only capturing the network packets sent to and from the txtNation SMSC.

Step 3

Double click your network connection method to start capturing packets.sms_debug_3.png

This will show as blank until Step 4.


Step 4

Click send in the txtNation SMS app.


Wireshark will immediately start capturing packets.


Step 5

Once the send has completed, click the red square at the top left of the Wireshark program, to stop capturing packets.


Step 6

Inspect each packet to see exactly how the txtNation SMS app connects to the SMSC and sends messages.



On the bottom left is a hex representation of the packets sent, and you can highlight each part to get an explanation of it above.

Step 7

If you are trying to debug your own SMPP connection, you can capture packets from your SMPP server and compare them to the txtNation SMPP app packets.




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