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txtNation Zap - Creating a Zapier account and choosing a Trigger.


Once you've created a txtNation SMSC account you'll need to create an account with Zapier and choose which application you'd like to use with the txtNation Zap.


To create an account simply:

  • Head to Zapier, enter your details and press signup.
  • At the top of the page, select "Make a Zap!"


Choosing your 'Trigger' App

The trigger app is the app you'd like to start the Zap. Gmail, for example, would be the trigger app if you're looking to receive an SMS any time you receive an email.

  • When prompted, search for and click on the Zap you'd like to use. We will use Gmail for this example.
  • Once you've selected your Zap, choose the Apps trigger. This is the action within the App that will activate the Zap. We'll select 'New Email' so this Zap will trigger every time an email is received. When selected, press 'Save + Continue'.




  • You'll now need to add your Gmail account. Select 'Connect new account' and enter the details of the Gmail account you'd like to use in the pop-up window that appears. You'll also need to allow Zapier access before pressing 'Save + Continue'



  • Now you'll need to select the Label/Mailbox you'd like to be notified of. This is the type of mail or the mailbox/folder it's contained in within Gmail. We're going to select 'Inbox and All Labels', before pressing continue, meaning all emails received will trigger the Zap.




  • Zapier will now test the Trigger App to ensure it is connected properly. For this to work, you'll need to ensure you have at least one mail matching the criteria you've chosen previously. For our example we know we have at least one email within our Inbox, so we can select 'Fetch & Continue'





  • If the criteria are correct and Zapier find an email the test will be successful (as above). You can view the email so you know the right content is going to trigger your Zap. Now your trigger is ready and you can press 'continue' to setup txtNation as your Action Zap.
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