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txtNation Zap - Adding the txtNation App and completing your Zap's setup.


Once you've created a Zapier account and chosen the Trigger App for your Zap, it's time to complete the setup by choosing the txtNation App as your 'Action'.

The action app does exactly as it describes, when the criteria you selected are met within your trigger app, the app will carry out an action of your choice. We will continue using Gmail as our example.


Choosing the 'Action' App

  • Just like you did when setting up your Trigger App, search for 'txtNation' in the search bar. Once selected, choose 'Send SMS' then press 'Save + Continue'.




  • Next, select 'Connect a New Account'. Once you've done so a pop-up will appear asking for your username and password. You'll need to enter the username and password that was emailed to you when setting up your SMSC account. If you don't have one you can create one here. Once you've entered the pop-up will close and you can select 'Save + Continue'




  •  Fill out the fields to set up the SMS template and press 'Continue'. The fields are as follows:
Field  Description
To Number The number you'd like us to send the message to. This must be in international format ("447123456789" or "14155552671") and cannot exceed 12 characters.
From The name you would like the message to show from on the recipients handset. This cannot exceed 11 characters and can be alpha/alphanumeric but cannot be numeric-only.
Message The message you would like to be sent when an email is received. You can use the insert a field Capture.PNG option to send information directly from the mail e.g. "Body Plain" will include any information in the email body. 



As you can see from the above example. This Zap would mean the number 447123456789 would receive a message from txtNation, an example message would read:


"You have an email from txtNation (Email:

The email subject: Welcome to txtNation was received Weds 10th January 2017 12:00"


  • The above example field will be displayed to you to confirm the message you'll be sent. If you're happy with this press 'Create + Continue'
  • Just as we saw when setting up the Trigger app, Zapier will then test your template to ensure it works correctly. If there are any issues with the setup, this page will give a details description of the error and what needs to be changed.




  • Now all you need to do is name your Zap and switch it on - once you've done this you're ready to and you can start receiving text messages straight away!




Once your Zap is live and working it's good to know how many credits you have left and whether your messages have been delivered successfully. You can find this information here.

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