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Managing your SMSC account. Checking the balance and Delivery Reports.


With any level of manual, bulk or automated SMS sending it's good to be able to keep an eye on your remaining credits to prevent any loss of service.

You can also check the delivery statuses of any messages you've sent to ensure you know the reason for any failures.


Checking your remaining credit

  • Enter the Username and Password sent to you in your setup ticket/email.
  • Press Capture.PNG then Managing_your_SMSC_account._Checking_the_balance_and_Delivery_Reports.___txtNation_Support__1_.png
  • Your current credit will be displayed on screen.


Checking Delivery Statuses

  • Enter the Username and Password sent to you in your setup ticket/email.
  • Press Capture.PNG then Capture.PNG > Capture.PNG>Capture.PNG OR choose Capture.PNG at the home page.

You'll be presented with the below screen:

At this page you'll need to search for the message(s) you've sent, there are multiple criteria to search on and you can use one or multiple criteria.

Start Date/Time + End Date/Time: These options will search for all messages sent from your account within the chosen range. 

Event Type: The type of report you are looking for. To see all transactions choose 'All Events'. The events you may need to use are as follows:


Event Number Event Label Description
2 Expired We have received no status report of delivery/failure from the network within 72 hours of message submission. You can treat this as failed.
3 Status Report The status report given to us by the networks after they attempt to send the message. This will determine whether the message was delivered or not. 
5 Delivered Whether the message was delivered to the network. This only means we have successfully given the message to the network to send - whether the network has delivered this to the handset is determined by the Status Report(3).
6 Temporary Failure We were unable to deliver the message to the network due to a temporary error. Contact support for further information.
7 Discard The message you have submitted could not be sent to the network and so it was discarded. Contact support for further information.
8 Submitted The message has been submitted to txtNation. If successful you will receive a Delivered(5) and then a Status Report(3) to confirm delivery to the handset.
9 Rejected Your message does not meet certain requirements (e.g. you have no credit) and so it has been rejected. Contact support for further information.
99 HTTP Error We were unable to submit your message due to an HTTP Error. Contact support for further information.


Sender MSISDN: The name you have sent the message from.

Recipient MSISDN: The MSISDN/Number you have sent the message to.


*If you are sending messages using Zapier or the Desktop SMS Tool you can ignore the below options.

Message Reference: The reference given to you on a successful send to our API via HTTP/SMPP.

Src OP ID: Deprecated.

IMSI: The IMSI of the MSISDN/Number you have sent the message to.


A message which has been sent successfully will have 3 separate reports, as listed above. Below is an example which we will explain:


Submitted: The message was successfully submitted to txtNation by the person trying to send the message.

Delivered: txtNation successfully submitted that message to the recipients (Destination) network to be sent to the handset

Status Report: The network has attempted to send the message to the handset and has given us a report of the outcome. Scrolling to the right within this window will give a written outcome of the message - in this example we can see the report was DELIVERED, meaning the recipient received the message successfully:


If you see any statuses you're unsure of or would like any help or further information around Delivery Statuses, please contact our support team who will be more than happy to help.

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