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Creating Zendesk Organisational Fields


In our recent article which showed how to receive SMS Updates via Zendesk, we based the triggers around Organisational fields we had created within Zendesk. 

Creating Organisational fields may not be something you're familiar with so we've created a brief explanation below. For the purpose of this example, we're going to follow the same requirements as the SMS Updates in that we'd like to set A, B and C client priorities.


Creating a field

To begin, head to Admin>Manage>Organisation Fields within Zendesk.

There are multiple organisational fields you can select. We're going to select Drop-down list as this is best for a small number of specific selections.

Once selected we'll have a number of fields to fill out:


Field title shown to agents: This is simply the same of the field. We'll name this 'Client Priority'

Field key: This is the fields name in placeholders and within the Zendesk API - this will be filled automatically to match the title.

Description: A simple description of the field.

Drop-down options: The options you'd like agents to be able to choose within the field. Zendesk will automatically create the tags for these options, these tags will then be added to the user's tickets and can be used to set the triggers used for Zendesk updates


Once you have created this field, you can then assign priorities to your clients by selecting them within Zendesk.


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