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Bulk SMS - Whitelabel Bulk Push


We offer a white-label version of our online bulk sms sender simply by embedding an IFrame into your website. It is mobile responsive and you can host it anywhere with no restrictions.

The sender is benchmarked to handle 2000 messages per second, however, this is also dependant on which route you are connecting to via txtNation's SMSC. Our SMSC can perform unlimited load balanced routing to match the throughput you need. Please let us know if you need a high throughput. 

We operate dual data centre redundancy, with both Firewall and Load Balancer redundancy. 


We understand that you might not want your clients to know that it is a txtNation service so we have 2 versions of the sender, one with a domain that is purposefully not published / masked on our domains to avoid search engines linking it to us, and another on a txtNation branded domain.


Using the Color variable, e.g. "color=ffffff", in the IFrame code you can match to your website. 


Simply embed the following code on your website:

<div id="send_anchor" style="color:red;width:100%;text-align:center;">You must have Javascript enabled to use the sender.</div>
<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script>

Replace XXXXX with b*u*l*k*-*u*p*l*o*a*d (without the *'s). Masked for anonymity. 

Replace color=55555 with the hex colour code of the background that will be surrounding the sender on your site.


Once a batch has been sent, a white-label link is provided where the sender can revisit at any time to see an overview of the send including % progress, duration of the send, the speed of the send and a link to cancel the send if needed. Further white-label statistics available on request.  


Below is an example of the txtNation domain hosted version:

You must have Javascript enabled to use the sendery

Contact us to get your own Whitelabel Bulk SMS sender enabled.

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