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UPDATED 16.08.2017: South Africa: Fraud detection and mitigation best practice


UPDATED: 26th September 2017

Please see the updated 1.14 version of WASPA's Fraud Detection and Mitigation best practices document which has now been published. A copy is attached to this message, along with a text file containing the list of applications currently included in the mandatory block list.

Please be aware that WASPA's Code of Conduct (clause 4.11) requires that all members comply with the published best practices for fraud prevention as well as block applications upon notice from WASPA to do so. It is important that all members make every effort to protect consumers from fraud.


Please remember:

- WASPA's Code requires that members block the listed applications.

- The most recent list of blocked applications can be retrieved automatically using the WASPA system API. If you would like more information about the API, please send a note with "WASPA API in the subject line.

- If you need any help implementing the measures in the best practices document, or if you have suggestions, please contact WASPA's Fraud Prevention Task Team ( The document is updated regularly.

- If you want to report potentially harmful services and applications, you can do so entirely anonymously here:



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