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UPDATED: 08.11.17 - South Africa: Fraud detection and mitigation best practices


The purpose of this message is to alert you that version 2.1 of WASPA's Fraud Detection and Mitigation best practices document has been published. A copy is attached to this message.

Please note the important amendment agreed during the Code of Conduct workshop held on 2017-11-03, which is the requirement for members to implement an effective fraud detection and prevention solution across all networks. An implementation period of seven days was agreed during the workshop, which means that members need to have a solution in place by 2017-11-15. This requirement means that the suspect application list will no longer be maintained or updated.

If you need any help implementing the measures in the best practices document, or if you have additional suggestions for steps members can take to better protect consumers from fraud, please contact WASPA's Fraud Prevention Task Team ( The best practices document is updated regularly.

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