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IMPORTANT - IP White-list update


Date of requirement:  21st June 2017 Onwards
Country: All
Summary:  White-list IP addresses 

This notification is relevant to all our worldwide clients and partners. Please white-list our IP addresses to ensure uninterrupted communications from our platform. With upcoming platform changes, this is now urgent.

Over the last year, we have updated you about all the relevant IPs we use. As we complete a number of technical upgrades, it is now vital that you are aware of these IPs, if you are not already, and that you take steps to accept communications from those IPs within the next 24 hours.

The IPs you must white-list can be found here:

Please ensure you have the IPs on that page white listed within 24 hours.

Most of our clients and partners will have taken steps to white-list these IPs, but if you have not, or you are not sure, please make the required changes or reach out to our support team for further guidance.

In addition, please begin to take steps to white-list the following IPs within the next 14 days:

If you have white-listed other txtNation IPs, please continue to white-list these in addition to the IPs above until further notice. We will update you about which legacy IPs can be removed from your white lists at a future date. Soon, we will heavily reduce the list of IPs to make things more manageable for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Affected service(s):

Mobile Billing:
[ x ] WEB / WAP Billing / PayForIt
[ x ] Inbound Premium SMS (MO)
[ x ] Outbound Premium SMS (MT)
[ x ] Direct Operator Billing
[ x ] Voice Services / IVR 

Mobile Messaging:
[ x ] Inbound Longcode / Non-Premium SMS (MO) 
[ x ] Outbound Non-Premium SMS (Bulk MT)
[ x ] Number Lookup / HLR
[ x ] Control Panel 
[ x ] Other (Email and Invoice Payments)

[    ] Total loss of service
[    ] Partial loss of service for a period of time.
[    ] Reduced availability with temporary connection losses
[    ] Delayed response
[ x ] Other

Resolution Status:   Resolved 

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