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Important changes to Payforit integrations

This is an important notification that is relevant to all clients who use our Payforit services.

At the behest of EE, we have to make changes to our Payforit premium gateway to enforce compatibility with new APIs that anonymise end user MSISDNs via an AMSR (Anonymised Mobile Subscription Reference).

This means that the end user phone number you would normally expect to see via the gateway may no longer be visible to you on the EE network depending on the user journey they take, instead, you will interact with a unique ID (the AMSR) that represents and stands in for the individual end user MSISDN.
This protects the identity of the end user by removing the MSISDN from any and all API calls.
We are working right now on updated documentation to demonstrate the changes you will need to make to ensure your integration is compatible with EE premium services. We will update this ticket with further information in due course.
Please be advised that this may involve a short lead time before it is enforced on our platform.

Affected service(s):

Mobile Billing:
[ x ] WEB / WAP Billing / PayForIt
[   ] Inbound SMS (MO)
[   ] Outbound Premium SMS (MT)
[   ] Direct Operator Billing
[   ] Voice Services / IVR

Mobile Messaging:
[   ] Inbound Longcode / Non-Premium SMS (MO)
[   ] Outbound Non-Premium SMS (Bulk MT)
[   ] Number Lookup / HLR
[   ] Control Panel
[   ] Other 

[    ] Total loss of service
[   ] Partial loss of service for a period of time.
[    ] Reduced availability with temporary connection losses
[   ] Delayed response
[ x ] Other

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