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UK - Security update - Malware Issue


An MNO has been notified that there is a new Malware issue that exists in the market. Specific details are limited however we wanted to bring this to your attention:

  • The Malware is only infecting Android and Blackberry devices.
  • The traffic currently, appears to be predominantly pop up/under adverts and not direct buying (google for example).
  • We know that the concerning traffic is not attributable to one specific affiliate network.


Cactus and Gorilla Ads are two affiliates that have been identified as being impacted by a malware issue. This does not mean that they are responsible for it, or that all services promoted through them will be connected to malware. This issue is not attributable to one specific affiliate network.

Any service that is found to be affected by malware is liable to an immediate suspension. Please closely monitor your traffic and alert txtNation of any unexpected spike in traffic or any other unusual traffic patterns. Please also let your account manager know if you are using either Cactus or Gorilla Ads.


Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

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