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Refer and Earn - 1


i) Affiliate Program   

Time: Immediate.    

How to Start: txtNation provides access to our online Control Panel to give you access to links and banners to promote.

Promote via banner ads or email broadcasts available in the CP using the unique referral ID for referalls. When introduced / affiliate signed up in your referral code they get added to your master account. When linking from a txtNation banner in CP affiliate section it auto fills the CP reg. page. There is also an email option to broadcast to potential affiliates the registration page.


See the two services (used to help promote affiliate program): (email promotions) (banner ad promotions), (Requires log in).

e.g. Website owner looking to make more money so advertises a banner on site that promotes the affiliate program. website owner gets kickback for all signups he makes based on that affiliates traffic.


ii) Agency Agreement

Become an virtual sales agent of txtNation. Refer and sell our services.

Time: Immediate.

Required Documentation to sign off: txtNation Reseller (Partnership Program) & Referral Agency Agreement is signed on acceptance.


Refer Clients and let txtNation deal with them. When closed we kick you back revenues made.

Example uses:

e.g. A reseller in Nigeria wants to present mobile services to their current clients or contacts so introduces txtNation. txtNation works with your referral When closed, txtNation kick reseller back.

To find out more about Refer and Earn, contact your account manager now!

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    Evaristus Ezekwem

    I want be a reseller in Nigeria how do I get started

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    We want to be Reseller in South Africa And Ghana. Kindly Assist ASAP. We Have Potential Clients In Waiting. Thanks

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