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Connect and Earn - 2


i) Connect and Refer Clients in your own Brand (White-Label).

 Control Panel URL'S Branded:

1. Reg page URL    

2. Login page URL    

3. Logged in page (once logged in logo in Control Panel) 

All three URL's will have variables to identify the partner. They can forward to any of these URL's from a unique branded URL. You will have logo added in the above 3 places / URL's.

Example uses:

e.g. 1: Marketing companies or advertising looking to add brand to the CP for their own users to login and use in their brand.

e.g. 2: Bulk SMS supplier wanting to offer more than just bulk in their brand.

Time: 1-2 weeks

Required Documentation to sign off: White_Label_Platform_Memorandum.doc


ii) NEW! 'Module / Service Specific' Platform (Re-Brand)

Note there is also the option of branding client a complete admin for one specific module. See examples:

  • Bulk SMS in a self contained admin
  • Two way non Premium SMS in own admin.

Time: 1-3 weeks

Note: May need some bespoke also for additional criteria.



iii)  API

Refer Clients via one Connection.

Connect our API and power your clients.

Example uses:

e.g. Aggregators or Service Providers looking for other countries to expand into.

Time: 1-2 weeks

Required Documentation to sign off: API_Connection_Memorandum.doc

To find out more about Connect and Earn, examples of white-label or the agreement, contact your account manager now!


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