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With SMS Alerts and Subscriptions, your company or organisation can keep clients or members informed of the latest breaking news, offers, events and promotions by sending a message to their handset. Alerts and Subscriptions are a flexible and profitable solution 

Alert messages can go out at a pre-configured time, in a queue or triggered by a set event.

Pre-configured time

- Meeting reminder 

- Medical reminders

- Birthday reminders


- Jokes

- Horoscopes 

- Tips 


- Football results

- Stock market changes

- Proximity alerts / alarms 

Our mFUSION brand has a pre-built Alerts and Subscriptions module that you can use to deploy campaigns, and start joining users in minutes.  You can access and change campaigns at any time, anywhere, using our web-based content management system. 

mFUSION Alerts and Subscriptions are available instantly via our control panel and usually you don't need to get carrier approval before running them via our module. You can read more about Alerts and Subscriptions via the mFUSION site.

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