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Bulk SMS Gateway


Bulk SMS Gateway

Connecting to a Bulk SMS aggregator has never been easier using txtNation. Being an SMS aggregator allows us to pass on to our clients the best pricing while mating high delivery, throughput and quality. 

txtNation offers connectivity to our SMS servers through a range of API interfaces including HTTP, SMPP and XML. Our API's are immediately multicast messaging enabled, allowing integration to any front-end or legacy system, with a direct connection into all available global gateways. 

With our Bulk SMS Gateway you pay for the messages you send. 


Read more about our Bulk SMS Gateway Services at txtNation, the leading SMS aggregator.


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    txtNation Support

    SMS Features:

    ·         2 way SMS

    ·         Dynamic sender ID: numeric or alphanumeric 

    ·         Contacted SMS

    ·         Flash SMS

    ·         Unicode, Text, GSM7, Wap push cooding

    ·         supporting MNP

    ·         automatic local timestamp

    ·         long, flash, scheduled or binary messages

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