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Direct Operator Billing


What is Direct Operator Billing?

Direct Operator Billing also known as Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) allows billing direct on your mobile phone. Purchases made using direct carrier billing will be posted directly to your mobile billing account.

Direct Operator billing is done via our Direct Billing Gateway allowing you seamlessly to charge users for app and content services directly to their phone bill, creating a  true ‘One-Click’ purchase process separate from traditional Premium or WAP Billing, SMS.

Direct Operator Billing for Service Providers

This enables service providers to take payments from users for mobile content directly via their handset. Clients are provided with a button that can be embedded in an application or on a URL, which when clicked initiates the payment without necessarily having to re-direct the user to another URL to confirm the payment. 

Unlike WAP billing DCB can be performed within mobile app environments as well. The payment journey is much like WAP billing however DCB promises to offer a credit lookup feature whereby a service provider can check in real-time that a user has enough credit on their account before attempting to complete the purchase. DCB normally returns a higher % pay-out from operators but is only available on a special request, case by case basis.
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    txtNation Support


    Direct Operator Billing is a 'pure' billing API, which means a PSMS message is redundant. This is truly 'one-click' billing at it's best. You can still send SMS notifications however via the API.

     Our API  provides a fantastic experience for both clients and end users with clear billing assistance provided.

    The charge is placed on the customers phone bill and we can support them through our Support Customer Care.

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