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Charge to Bill


What is Charge to Bill?

Charge to Bill is the term several mobile operators (Inc. Vodafone, O2) have labelled using Direct Operator BillingtxtNation have partnered up with networks that enable this transaction. This term is exaclty the same as the following other widely used terms when discussing operator billing:

  • Charge to Mobile
  • Direct to Bill (Direct Billing)
  • Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)
  • Direct Operator Billing (DOB)

Charge to Bill allows one click billing which allows for a simple, reliable and secure way of paying quick for digital content or services.

Using Charge to Bill there are several key advantages:

  • Less Leakage on payment
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased Revenue
For more information on Charge to Bill, contact your txtNation Account Manager.
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    txtNation Support

    txtNation Direct Carrier Billing Advantages:

    • In-app billing for increased and sales** conversion rates.**
    • Single API.
    • Flexible pricing models with** in-app billing** capability.
    • Reduced revenue leakage - Higher Payouts!
    • txtNation are a Leading Mobile Aggregator and SMS gateway.
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