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mFUSION brings together a range of messaging tools to extend your brand and open up new revenue streams.

From subscription services, text-to-screen, voting, to competitions, SMS auctions and much more, this is the ideal solution for leveraging messaging as either your entire business model or to add value to your existing venture. 

Our tools encompass alerts, bulk messaging, chat, competitions, random response, reverse auctions, subscriptions, coupons, voting and more. There are solutions for SMS, MMS, phone and WAP scenarios.

mFUSION is a major collection of tools. Talk to us about your messaging requirements and we can tailor mFUSION for your needs. For one-time campaigns or on-going branding and monetization, if it involves messaging we can help. 

We can also offer first-rate text chat, using one-way and operator chat via SMS, using our robust CHAT solution, which is part of our mFUSION messaging campaigns family. 

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    biodun akinsanya

    Please I like to know if the SMS Gateway can help process SMS requests, authenticate recharge or pin card codes and give auto response whether the card is valid or not.

    Simplified as

    • Get a shortcode service
    • Shortcode service autheticates recharge or pin card detail
    • Sends a positive or negetive confirmation message to user
    • message is entered into a database

    Thank you...

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