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txtNation Gateway


txtNation Gateway empowers you to create your own messaging and billing solutions on top of our robust platform. Using a comprehensive API, you can send and receive premium and non-premium messages in a range of scenarios.


Gateway - Mobile Billing and Messaging.

Alert your customers with an SMS to confirm their order. Create a service that sends periodic messages to subscribers. Charge for virtual goods and services by SMS. Add value to your existing services by finding new revenue streams or ways to extend your branding via messaging. 

We supply one-way and two-way SMS, MMS, virtual numbers, and access to our global network of low-cost shared shortcodes and deluxe dedicated shortcodes. 

Through its direct connections with major mobile operators, txtNation is your single entry point for exchanging all types of messages with virtually all mobile users - any time, anywhere. 

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    Francis Ubani ABTECH

    How do I configure response message/

  • Avatar
    biodun akinsanya

    Please I like to know if the SMS Gateway can help process SMS requests, authenticate recharge or pin card codes and give auto response whether the card is valid or not.

    Simplified as

    • Get a shortcode service
    • Shortcode service autheticates recharge or pin card detail
    • Sends a positive or negetive confirmation message to user
    • message is entered into a database

    Thank you...

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