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Number Lookup


Perform a number lookup (referred also as HLR lookup, Mobile Network Query, IMSI lookup or MSISDN lookup). This allows you to check, via our platform, whether a mobile number is active, as well as which network the number belongs to.


Matching solutions:

txtNation GatewayConfigure HLR via our range of API's.

mFUSION, Setup Mobile SMS Donation for Charity services on-line quickly and easily.

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    uzo ukachukwu GSMSHORTCODE

    how can i  Configure HLR via your range of API's. on my account with you

  • Avatar
    uzo ukachukwu GSMSHORTCODE

    can the vlr or hlr , gives me the exact detail and gps of the cell tower live

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    could i get MSISDM fro IMSI number with this service ?

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