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USSD Messaging (USSD Notifications)


USSD Messaging enables secure messaging to the mobile. Often used when SMS is not suitable and at a lower cost, USSD Messaging has proven popular in banking and other similar sectors. 

USSD messaging has also proven popular in voice chat where you can advertise the number in a USSD message rather than telemarketing.

To enable USSD messaging we recommend you look at our USSD Gateway.


USSD messaging also means that they are longer than SMS Messages; 182 alphanumeric characters in length. The connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of data while 'in session'.

There are two types of USSD notification options:

  • USSD Notifications - Pop-up alerts
  • USSD Menu - In-Session events


For initiating a USSD service, a USSD message starts with an asterisk; * followed by digits that are the base of the command. The message always ends with a number / hash sign; #.

Example USSD codes:

  • *110#
  • *104*343543436532#
  • *#24# 
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