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WAP Billing (inc. Payforit)


WAP Billing (inc. Payforit), (MSISDN Billing) connectivity is available across the txtNation platform.


Mobile (WAP) Billing 

With our Gateway you can monetise your mobile sites and services on WAP, Android (Android Billing) and Blackberry devices. 

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    txtNation Support

    WAP billing, also known as D2C (Direct to Customer) mobile billing or is considered as the next generation of billing approach for mobile content services.

    With WAP Billing the customer is required to have an active WAP session with the client and then his MSISDN along with its operator can be identified. With the MSISDN, any purchase by the customer can be recorded and billed directly from the phone bill.

    No short codes are required for showing to the user / customer at the point of payment.

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