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Direct Carrier Billing


Direct Carrier Billing, otherwise known as Direct Operator or network Billing allows billing direct onto the customers mobile phone bill, using one click call to action to initiate the billing.

The Direct Carrier Billing model using our Direct Billing Gateway allows for a simple pay process, without the requirement for Premium or WAP pages to initiate a separate payment flow.

This direct billing option offers immediate integration into the mobile carrier's billing system and allows for real time acknowledgement of billing from inside the application or service.

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    txtNation Support
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    txtNation Support

    Q: How is Direct Operator Billing different than Premium SMS?

    A: With Premium SMS you must send a SMS message with specific parameters to indicate a charge. The authorization and charge steps are combined. With Direct Operator / Carrier Billing a Premium SMS message is not required to place a charge. All SMS is handled separately as standard-rate messages. The authorization step is distinct so that you can validate a consumer’s ability to purchase prior to delivering content and proceeding with the charge.


    Q: Do the same operator commercial terms and policies apply to Direct Billing as for Premium SMS?

    A: Currently, yes. txtNation continues to work with operators on defining separate commercial terms and policies for transactions that don’t require SMS. 


    Q: Will other operators be supported for Direct Billing?

    A: We are pursuing Direct Billing capability with all Tier 1 operators. Check with your txtNation Account Manager periodically for roadmap updates on this front.

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