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Transactional SMS


What features does Transactional SMS offer?

Transactional SMS allows businesses with fixed product costs, who previously ruled out Premium SMS due to revenue share defecits, to sell to consumers via SMS. T-SMS returns a much higher revenue share (EX Vat) and is negotiable on a per-service basis.

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    txtNation Support

    Transactional SMS is is very similar to Premium SMS however operators are paying out higher revenue share when using this payment method.

    Transactional SMS is designed for companies who couldn’t previously work with PSMS based on the typical out payments of around 55-65%. txtNation can now enable SMS billing for companies with lower margins or perhaps physical goods at a small per purchase or subscription total value. Previously these companies have known that SMS payments would convert for them but the pay-outs didn’t make it viable.

    With T-SMS, txtNation can simply submit a business case to the operators who will then reward companies this much higher pay-out model that still competes with Credit Card and other more traditional but lower converting technologies.

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    William Winston

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