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USSD Gateway


USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Services Data. USSD Gateway enables USSD Messaging. It is a session based protocol unlike SMS or MMS messaging. USSD Gateway services often work with HLR Lookup services to enable real time, instant messaging.

USSD is a GSM communication service that is used to send text information between a mobile and an application program that is on the mobile network.

USSD is similar to Short Messaging Service (SMS), however the main difference is that with USSD it happens on a session level only, this means the USSD messages sent via the USSD Gateway are not stored on the handset after receipt.


USSD sessions can be set up from the mobile device, using a traditional USSD short code, e.g.  *120#. 

Note: SMS or IVR can also be used to connect to our USSD Gateway to enable / start the session.


USSD - Features and benefits of our Gateway


  • No downloads required
  • Compatible across all mobile devices, worldwide
  • Real-time session based options
  • Cheap 
  • Highly Secure
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