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Turkey and Israel Queries


Dear Client,

Thank you for your mail.

1/2) Delivery reporting is NOT supported in Turkey. To enable your service to function correctly here we would advise including a password in the return billed message to the user. Upon entering this password on your site the bid can be counted.

3)If you refer to the Turkish rate card you will notice each operator has a different payout, this should account for the difference in payout between operators you are noticing.

4) In Israel the user is delivered a billed message containing the pricing details, this is followed by a free message containing your content. Both messages are included in your service flow.

5) Unlike other countries Israel separates each tariff by the keyword that is sent. We have four tariffs / keywords.

txt1 = 5ILS
txt2 = 10ILS
txt3 = 15 ILS
txt4 = 20 ILS

You must add one of the above prefixes to charge the corresponding tariff.

6) The tariffs that you see within the XML feed is what we currently have live. If you wish to activate the additional tariffs displayed on the rate cards you will need to contact your account manager.



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