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Europe: The Region

The following countries make up Europe:

txtNation_screenshot_31_Oct._21_15.48.58.gif [source]

Within those countries the following map represents those that are part of the European Union.

txtNation_screenshot_36_Oct._21_15.55.51.gif [source]


At the time of writing, txtNation have connectivity in the following countries. For a dynamically generated, up to date list of txtNation's coverage see txtNation's coverage map

txtNation_screenshot_34_Oct._21_15.50.31.gif [source]


Market Data




The GSM Association recently commissioned a report called "Third Implementation Review of the European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children". The report lists a number of regulatory documents and the associated regulators in each market. It provides a good reference point and overview of the regulatory measures in place today, and also an invaluable resource if you are marketing to children. 


See here for more specific regulatory information in each country that txtNation operate. 

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