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Italy / Shared Short Code Requirements and Restrictions


Italy is a highly regulated market, and new service approvals are very time consuming and expensive. 

The quickest route to market is using our existing Italy approval for content delivery. The following must be applied as automated checking is imposed by the carriers and deviations beyond set criteria will result in the service not working, the carriers being alerted with potential penalties and code shut down.


Here are the flows of information that should be followed for approved PSMS (content) in Italy:

1. User sends a message with your keyword to our Italian short code 483233.

2. We forward details to you as normal.

3. If the carrier is VODAFONE, you should send a message back as normal, with text:

"mPush: per fruire del contenuto vai su[CODE] Il tuo PIN per il re-download: [CODE]. Aiuto 800 986505"

4. If the carrier is TIM, send a free message (using reply=0, network=TIM4IT and value=0) with text: "mPush: per fruire del contenuto vai su[CODE] Il tuo PIN per il re-download: [CODE]. Aiuto 800 986505."

5. For all carriers, when the user visits the URL we will perform a redirect to a URL location of your choosing*, only then can you send the Premium SMS message (via reply=1) for the value you wish to charge, along with the text:

"mPUSH, Grazie per il tuo acquisto! Il tuo PIN per il re-download: [CODE]. Aiuto 800 986505"

* Please provide this to txtNation support. 

6. User downloads their content. (If it's a PIN service, we recommend inserting a PIN code within the image, making it one time downloadable).


For technical information on how to do this please go to:


Q: Is anything else allowed to be run via this shortcode?

A: No, it's a requirement to follow this flow. No other flow will fit regulation of this PSMS Short Code. Perhaps your service could operate so that the URL/link sends the user to a page which has the desired information? TIM users can only be billed AFTER they've clicked the link.


Q: Which carriers are supported?

A: Supported Networks are: TIM & Vodafone. Furthermore, users should expect to be charged one standard rate message, plus the Premium charge.


Q: Are there any restrictions on the amounts that can be billed?

A: Italy is an "IO" country. This means 1 in 1 out, the users here are billed for the outgoing message but you can only send one response per inbound message. To bill higher amounts in IO countries you would usually send the user a message back asking them to send in however many more messages until the payment is complete, however the restrictions in place to monitor your messages in Italy make this impossible, so you can only do this via your promotions informing them to send in X amount of times. 

See the XML feed ( for the amounts that you can bill per transaction. 



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