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Indonesia - Shared Short Code Requirements and Restrictions


The regulations in Indonesia caters and covers all of the Mobile Payment types, that includes Premium SMS BillingStandard Rate Services and Short Codes.



The Ministry of Communications and Information has issued Regulation No. 01/PER/M.KOMINFO/01/2009 (* translation displayed at the bottom of this forum post) regarding the provision of short messaging services (SMS) and multimedia messaging services (MMS). The purpose of the Regulation is to provide protection to subscribers to these services. The regulation states Premium SMS and MMS may be provided after obtaining a license which requires the registration of the services with the Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia BRTI. 



On July 11, 2003 the Indonesia government established The Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia (BRTI) as an independent regulatory body setup to enable to guard the public interest (telecommunications users) and to support whilst protecting the telecommunications business competition thus becoming a fair, efficient business market and attracts investors. 

Regulation No. 01/PER/M.KOMINFO/01/2009 includes provisions for compensation to be paid to users where a loss has been suffered by the user as a result of an error or negligence on the part of the provider. However, compensation is restricted to direct losses and presumably these losses will need to be quantified and proved. The compensation process can be either court based or through some form of alternative dispute resolution. The sanctions for a breach of the provisions include both administrative and criminal sanctions. Supervision of compliance with the provisions of the Regulation is to be undertaken by the BRTI. The Regulation has been in force since 9 January 2009. [source]



On our Indonesia shared sms shortcodes the following carriers are available:


txtNation_screenshot_11_Nov._09_08.51.05.gif IM3 (GSM) part of the Indosat Group.indosat.jpgNetwork name in txtNation's systems: IM3-ID

txtNation_screenshot_10_Nov._09_08.50.49.gif Satelindo (GSM) part of the Indosat Group.indosat.jpgNetwork name in txtNation's systems: SATELINDO-ID

Flexi.jpgTelkomFlexi (CDMA). Network name in txtNation's systems: FLEXI-ID

telkomsel.jpgTelkomsel (GSM). Network name in txtNation's systems: TELKOMSEL-ID

txtNation_screenshot_13_Nov._09_09.06.47.gif Excelcomindo - XL (GSM). Network name in txtNation's systems: EXCELCOM-ID


Market Statistics 


With a population of over 220 million people, Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy and the world’s second largest democracy. The country has worked hard to recover from the 1998 financial crisis and the devastating tsunami of 2004. Despite its large, diverse and growing economy, poverty remains widespread. About half the population of 225 million lives on less than $2 per day. As the current financial crisis spreads to East Asia, there are risks that many vulnerable Indonesians could once again fall even farther behind.


- Flag: txtNation_screenshot_17_Nov._10_09.33.44.gif

- Area: 2 million sq. km. (736,000 sq. mi.), about three times the size of Texas; maritime area: 7,900,000 sq. km.

- Cities: Capital--Jakarta (est. 8.8 million). Other cities--Surabaya 3.0 million, Medan 2.5 million, Bandung 2.5 million.

- Terrain: More than 17,500 islands; 6,000 are inhabited; 1,000 of which are permanently settled.- Nationality: Noun and adjective--Indonesian(s).

- Population (July 2009 est.): 240.3 million.- Annual population growth rate (2009 est.): 1.136%.

- Ethnic groups (2000 census): Javanese 40.6%, Sundanese 15%, Madurese 3.3%, Minangkabau 2.7%, others 38.4%.

- Religions (2000 census): Muslim 86.1%, Protestant 5.7%, Catholic 3%, Hindu 1.8%, others 3.4%.

- Languages: Indonesian (official), local languages, the most prevalent of which is Javanese.

- Education: Years compulsory--9. Enrollment--94% of eligible primary school-age children.Literacy--90.4% (2007).

- Health: Infant mortality rate (2009 est.)--29.97/1,000. Life expectancy at birth (2009 est.)--70.76 years.

- Work force: 111.5 million (2008). Agriculture--42%, industry--12%, services--44%.

- GDP (2007): $433 billion; (2008): $511 billion; (2009): $542 billion.

- Annual growth rate (2007): 6.3%; (2008): 6.1%; (2009): 4.5%; (2010 est.): 6.0%.

- Inflation, end-period (2007): 6.6%; (2008): 11.1%; (2009): 2.8%; (2010 est.): 6.0%.

- Per capita income (2009 est., PPP): $4,149. [source]

- With only 50-60 million Indonesians, out of a total population of 250 million, estimated to have bank accounts and, by our estimates, between 96 million and 114 million actual mobile subscribers, mobile telephone networks look to have a huge potential to provide – and extend the provision of – financial services. Furthermore, the gap between bank account holders and mobile subscribers is only going to increase over the next few years as the mobile subscriber population continues to grow, currently estimated at around 70 million bank account holders and approximately 150 million unique mobile subscribers by 2013.

- At the end of 2008, there were officially 137.1 million active SIM cards according to the regulator, BRTI (although these are referred to by the regulator as subscribers), and the total SIM base was growing at approximately 45 percent per annum. SIM cards and subscribers are not a 1:1 match however, due to a range of factors. Therefore, estimates of what the actual addressable subscriber base is vary widely, from 40 million subscribers (an MNO ) to 60 million subscribers (a consultant) to more than 100 million subscribers (an MNO and a third party provider), which is set to increase over the next few years as the mobile subscriber population continues to grow to approximately 150 million unique mobile subscribers by 2013. [source]

Market Growth 

Graph: Indonesia SIM card and mobile subscriber growth, 2008-2012



The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the currency of Indonesia. IDR must be used when conveying the price to users. 

IDR1000 in £GBP

IDR1000 in €EUR

IDR1000 in $USD


Further Information

For a comprehensive overview and history of the telecoms market in Indonesia see NDA Ventures' Indonesia Telecom Brief


Approval Process

All services except Micropayments and Mobile Content (Ringtones, Truetones, Videos, Images) require approval before they are permitted to be put in the public domain. We have an existing approval for our mPUSH services, which when using our JunglePay interface, you can bill multiples of IDR 5000, 10000 and 15000 without the need for carrier approval. Also, without carrier approval, but with approval from txtNation you can also build your own micropayment or content delivery service.

To apply for a different service other than Micropayments or Mobile Content, you will need to complete a txtNation Customer Care Form (CCF). The CCF is used to submit to the carriers for them to provision the shortcode and used ongoing to ensure that your service tests the same as the approval.

Shared short code approval usually takes 2 weeks upon application approval by mobile operators.

The submission request for Indonesia Telkomsel Targeted and LBA has changed to 8 working days before the campaign launch date. Therefore the client needs to submit their campaign request 8 working days before their campaign launch to avoid any inconvenience caused.


For SUBSCRIPTION service applications, you need to include the following information in the service submission:

- Subscription cycle e.g. weekly, monthly

- Frequency e.g. 3 MTs per week

- Subscription price e.g. Rp2000


Promotion Guidelines (Carrier guidelines)

The BRTI Permenkominfo No.1/2009 translation document states:

11. Premium message service providers must provide a call center (Call Center) with a special number that can be contacted at any time during 24 hours per day. The call center must provide services support facilities (first line support) that serves to handle questions, complaints and requests a user through call centers.


- Content provider must not superimpose nor prominently display one price unless all content advertised is being sold at the same price.

- Promotion transmitted via television: The price information must be made available and clearly displayed on the same screen as the shortcode.

- Promotion transmitted via radio: The price information must be announced immediately before or immediately after the announcement of the shortcode information.

- Price information must be denoted using official local currency abbreviation which is represented by IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

- Content provider can only charge a mobile subscriber when he or she has requested and received a service.

- Content providers are not allowed to charge a mobile subscriber for information messages such as turning a subscription on and off, listing of users in a chat room, reminder message for subscription renewal will be sent on the last day of the month, request for help to use a service or an invalid request by a mobile subscriber, etc.

- Content provider must ensure that service charges, frequency of the service, opt-out instructions, hotline and website (if applicable) are mentioned clearly in all promotional materials.

- If operating a competition / quiz / sweepstake, your quiz permit license number should be displayed on your promotions. 


Landing page guidelines:

- Promotion banner or landing page must include price, customer service number, and the service type (video, wallpaper, etc.).
- The content that user received must be the same as the service type which shown in the landing page or the promotion banner.
- Do not use 10,000 and 15,000 for the price content, unless it was branded service or approved by XL.
- Do not use Air Push promotion which can cause application to trigger MO or push pop up advertisement which is annoying for user.
- Do not use text banner for promotion banner which cannot show price, customer service number and service type.
- Pornographic, ethnic, religion and racist contents are prohibited.
- One MO only is allowed for one click


Message Flow Requirements 

- Usage of chargeable MT (Mobile Terminating) for all non content messages is prohibited.

- Keywords like REG, UNREG, ERROR are chargeable by mobile operators (no revenue share)

     ~ Telkomsel ,TelkomFlexi and Excelcomindo (XL) - (REG, UNREG, ERROR) -  IDR250

     ~ Indosat - (REG, UNREG) - IDR500

     ~ Indosat - (ERROR) - IDR250

- MO (Mobile Originating) and MT (Mobile Terminating) messages must use the same assigned short code.

- Text contents must be in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) except for general terms like REG, UNREG and STOP.

- You must reply to all messages sent to your short code including invalid messages.


Billing Types 

We operate only Mobile Terminated (MT) billing on our shared line in Indonesia. See forum entry "What are the SMS billing types available?" for more information on these billing types.


Service Types

The BRTI Permenkominfo No.1/2009 translation states:

9. The mechanism does not subscribe can be held, among others, through the premium message services are held on the basis of sweepstakes / promotion.

e.g. You can not operate Sweepstakes or Competitions / Promotion type services or services advertising other products as a subscription service. 


- Quiz services are only applicable to PULL (IOD) method.

- Content provider must undertake to ensure that the contest itself is subject to an audit by a chartered accountants’ firm to ensure:

    ~ The contest is genuine and is transparently carried out;

    ~ There are actual winner(s) for each contest held;

    ~ The prizes for each contest are distributed to the rightful winner(s);

    ~ The distribution of prizes is carried out within reasonable time.


Shortcode and Keyword Structure

Our shared codes are 5 digits and operate on numbers in the 9XXX series, which are non-adult, all ages short codes. The full short code is provided on application. 



The current rate of tax in Indonesia is available via Wikipedia

The outpayments on our rate cards are exclusive of VAT, so if you are VAT registered you can claim a higher outpayment than is shown.

The outpayments shown are what you receive, e.g. the BRTI's Permenkominfo No.1/2009 "4. Service providers must pay a premium message Rights Cost of Telecommunication" is already factored into the payout. 


Dedicated Codes 

At the time of writing Dedicated codes are not available in Indonesia. You can read more about Short Code Coverage, SMS Billing Services and Mobile Payments in Indonesia via the txtNation Gateway.

Indonesia has the following Mobile Payment options available, all of which fall under these regulations.

  • Premium SMS (P-SMS) including Short Code services

Additional options for Mobile Payments and Messaging in Indonesia include:

  • HLR Lookup
  • Bulk SMS


* Regulatory Framework 

Neither us or the World Trade Organization have been able to locate official translations of BRTI decrees [source], however there is access to this unofficial translation of the Regulation No. 01/PER/M.KOMINFO/01/2009:

Premium SMS & Broadcast Regulation Permenkominfo No.1/2009    


1. Operation of the premium message service is implemented using a particular access numbers.

2. Access numbers are arranged in a cooperative agreement.

3. Premium message service providers are prohibited from providing the premium message services that are contrary to statutory provisions in force.

4. Service providers must pay a premium message Rights Cost of Telecommunication.

5. Rights Cost of Telecommunication Tariff stipulated in Government Regulation.

6. Operation of the premium message services are maintained through mechanisms: subscription, or do not subscribe.

7. Subscribe mechanism is a mechanism in which: a message sent to a user after the user makes a registration (activation / registration) in advance, and the user will receive messages sent by a service provider of premium messages periodically.

8. The mechanism does not subscribe as it is a mechanism in which: a message sent to the user after the user submitted the request without performing the registration (activation / registration) in advance; and / or the user will receive messages sent by a service provider of premium messages are not regularly.

9. The mechanism does not subscribe can be held, among others, through the premium message services are held on the basis of sweepstakes / promotion.

10. Premium message services are held on the basis of sweepstakes / promotion must obtain permission from the institution whose scope of duties and responsibilities in the field of sweepstakes / promotion.

11. Premium message service providers must provide a call center (Call Center) with a special number that can be contacted at any time during 24 hours per day. The call center must provide services support facilities (first line support) that serves to handle questions, complaints and requests a user through call centers.

12. Organizers premium message services through subscription mechanisms are required to provide user activity information in a subscription service with a specific tariff and information on how to unsubscribe (deregistrasi / deactivation).

13. In the event that users register (registration / activation) subscribe to the premium message service, a service provider of premium messages are required to provide information that the user has to use premium message services as well as information about the tariffs, services, how to deactivation, and the number of call centers.

14. In the event that a user request to unsubscribe (deactivation) premium message service, message service providers of premium shall terminate its services immediately after the unsubscribe request (deregistrasi / deactivation) received complete.

15. Premium message service providers are prohibited from wearing a registration fee (registration / activation) to subscribe.

16. After registration (registration / activation) is done, the premium message service providers are required to provide information to the user at least: registration (registration / activation) has been successful; the service has to be used; the identity of the premium message service providers, tariffs to be charged to users; way termination of subscription (deregistrasi / deactivation); subscription period, and the call center (Call Center), which can be contacted.

17. Unsubscribe request (deregistrasi / deactivation) can be done at least through sms, mms, or through call centers.

18. In the case of users using sms or mms to unsubscribe (deregistrasi / deactivation) without mentioning the type of service, service providers must inform the premium message via sms or mms free of charge on the proper way to unsubscribe accompanied by information about the type of service that has been registered by the user and the number of call centers who can be contacted.

19. After a request to unsubscribe (deregistrasi / deactivation) received a complete, premium message service provider must send notification via sms or mms free of charge in that process unsubscribe requests (deregistrasi / deactivation) have been successfully conducted.

20. Users entitled to compensation to the provider of premium messages for any errors or omissions and premium message service provider that causes harm to users.

21. Premium message service providers are required to provide such compensation, except the organizer's premium can prove that the loss was not caused by errors and or negligence.

22. Compensation is limited to the direct loss suffered by any errors or omissions organizers and premium messages.

23. Settlement of compensation could be implemented through litigation or out of court.

24. The procedure for submission and settlement of compensation is carried out in accordance with statutory provisions in force.

25. Sender of the short message service (SMS) to multiple destinations (broadcast) is prohibited to send a message contrary to public interest, ethics, security and public order.

26. Sender of the short message service (SMS) to multiple destinations (broadcast) must provide facilities to the recipients of the message to reject delivery of the next message.

27. After receiving the message is rejected sending the next message, sending a short message service (short messaging service / SMS) to multiple destinations (broadcast) are prohibited from sending future messages.

28. Any violation of the provisions of this Regulation shall be liable to administrative and or criminal penalties according to statutory provisions in force.

29. Premium message service providers who violate the provisions of this Regulation subject to s anksi administrative license revocation and prohibition to carry out the premium message services.

30. Cancellation of permission and prohibition to carry out the premium message services is made after the premium message service providers are given a written warning 3 times in a row in which each written warning last for 7 working days.

31. Supervision and control over the implementation of this Regulation made by the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body (BRTI).

32. BRTI to establish technical provisions within the framework of supervision and control over the implementation of this Regulation.


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  • Avatar

    For all mobile game embedding service ONLY, Telkomsel requires the submission of a mobile phone for service approval. They will check the service flow and MT content, therefore, please be sure to follow the below. Once the phone is ready, please let txtNation know and we will give you the address (physical address of office to send phone to):

    • The keyword must be put in the beginning of the MT message. For example, if the keyword is CINTA, MT message can be “CINTA: Download Wallpaper CINTA Click disini GPRS rate will be applied. CS Hotline (021){Customer Service Telephone Number*}”

    • Be sure to include in the MT message the Customer Service number provided by your Account Manager

    • If the mobile content requires GPRS access, please add “GPRS rate will be applied” in MT message

    • If it’s a subscription service, please include MT frequency and opt-out method in MT message

  • Avatar

    All clients are required to apply the dynamic bulk sender ID prior to broadcasting bulk SMS to Excelcom (XL) Indonesia, effective end of December 2013.


    Requirements of sender ID:

    Sender ID format : 11 alphanumeric characters - no spaces, special characters or unicode.

    Lead-time : 3 weeks

    Document required : Surat Penunjukan operator XL (as attached)


    Excelcom (XL) Regulations :

    1. It is forbidden to provide false information about offer, promotion, advertisement, content price or tariff, service usage, condition, surety, insurance, rights, or compensation for one of the service, discount or prize offered without valid customer service number which can be reached for the advertised programme.

    2. Client is forbidden to provide false information about promotion or advertising regarding to the quality, quantity, usage, tariff, also the guarantee for the service, incorrect service information, exclude the risk of the service, exploit an event or someone without permission from the authorities, also violate the ethics and/or regulation from the government about advertising.

    3. Do not send out SMS' forcing or inviting another to break the law, social norms, or discredit a regulation, ethnic or certain group and promoting another service from any operator besides XL.

    4. Client is not allowed to send ‘Spam messages’ or SMS' which will influence XL, or non XL users to use a certain product.

    5. Do not send out an SMS broadcast to XL user(s) which are registered in XL’s Whitelist.

  • Avatar
    txtNation Support

    Please be informed on the Indonesia telco’s new regulation, the new Indonesia sender ID application only allows alphanumeric or alphabet with immediate effect. Hence, if the Indonesia sender ID application in numeric form; eg; 60183 will be rejected by telco.

  • Avatar
    AJ Nouman

    Indonesia - Service Update

    Kindly take note on the following changes to avoid service interruption.

    1. Telkomsel allows charging up to 10 times per day from the SAME MSISDN and Keyword. It will block any charging transactions after reaching the maximum limit. (Count is based on successful charging only)

    2. A zero charged MT will be sent to the mobile subscriber to notify them that the maximum transaction amount has been reached. This will be repeated for every subsequent request, after successfully charging 10 times for the same MSISDN & Keyword on the same day.

  • Avatar
    AJ Nouman

    Indonesia - Indosat service update

    Please take note of the following changes to Indosat Indonesia requirements.

    If the active MSISDN in the content provider's list is not successfully billed for 15 days (still adhering to the frequency of 3 SMS  per week. The content provider must remove the MSISDN from the active subscriber list and is not allowed to push to that number after that.

  • Avatar
    AJ Nouman

    Indonesia - Indosat service update

    a) Indosat`s new policy requires that all service can only go live if their services have** already been approved** and done live UAT successfully with Indosat Testing Team.

    b) Indosat won’t allow content providers (CPs) to request users to insert their MSISDN in the Landing Page as it’s against their policy.** Users mustn’t provide their MSISDN before they subscribe in the service.**

    c) Content providers are requested to send out reminder MT on the 14th day, to inform that the user still subscribe to the service and how to unsubscribe the service.

    d) Keyword must represent the service that is going to be launched.

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