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Direct Operator Billing - Approval Process

To be approved for Direct Operator Billing, operators will review and endorse the connection for Direct Billing for your services on a case by case basis.

In order to endorse and approve your service we need to collect and submit the following information (Please download and submit the application form below).

  • Service type, Description (What are you selling)
  • Example of the actual service (or demonstration)
  • Why do you need operator billing
  • Price point(s) required
  • Time to go live
  • How is this service being advertised / viewed
  • Est. no of transactions (per month)


If approved, you will be presented with the following:

  • Price point(s) you can charge
  • Telco's accepting this service
  • API credentials for the required operator(s)

As Direct Operator Billing is operator (telco) dependent in its availability in certain markets, it is handled case by case.*

Direct operator billing is facilitated by our Gateway API (HTTP) and Gateway API (SMPP).

*A small admin fee for case handling may be charged for approval and regulation.

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    txtNation Support

    Please consult with your txtNation Account Manager for more information on Direct Operator Billing.

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    XBisaya RoG

    I want to apply to direct carrier billing on my phone .. i want to buy online gaming games using my prepaid load .. can you tell how to do it ?

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    XBisaya RoG

    Im here in taiwan

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