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Denmark - 4T - Direct Operator Billing (Direct-to-bill) Regulations - PAII


txtNation provide Direct Operator Payments with 4T (Customer Brand - PAII) across all mobile networks in Denmark.

At this time Direct Billing regulations are based on the same regulatory criteria for all Mobile Payment, Premium Rate and Short code services in Denmark.



SMS (Premium) Payment is the legacy method we are supporting. This works for any mobile subscriber open for SMS Payment (Premium) billing.

In addition, the subscriber with 4T is able to open an account with 4T. The subscriber has the option to continue using MNO billing as funding method (up to 225 DKK per transaction) or register a payment card (up to 7.500 DKK per transaction).

4T subscribers can be billed Either:

  • Via SMS  or
  • Via a web/app transaction (All web/app purchases require the subscriber to confirm the purchase via a PIN entered on the 4T app).


With 4T the only check-out information needed is the MSISDN. When you issue a payment authorization request to 4T, 4T app will ask for a PIN approval of the purchase. You will get a call back stating the result of the request and you can act accordingly.



User Flow:

1. User visits mobile web page or app

2. User enters MSISDN in web form

3. User enters the PIN in the 4T app (PAII) and confirms the payment

4. Client gets the call back with status of approval

5. Client delivers the content successfully

6. txtNation captures the amount by issuing a new API to the client.


Example flow from a browser transaction:



Webform Logic:

We are not providing the webform for the MSISDN entry. You control this.

For returning customers or customers that have created a profile, a good practise would be to pre-fill this field with the known mobile MSISDN (Cookie).

MNO’s in Denmark don’t provide MSISDN forwarding for WAP and mobile websites by default, however with 4T it can be installed as an App and also cookies can be set to capture mobile numbers for returning users, for seamless transactions.


All SMS initiated transactions are ruled under the Framework agreement, while web/app initiated payments are ruled by the general rules in DK/EU. As such you will be able to distribute Glamour content subject to standard legislation.



To find out more about setting up services for Direct Billing in Denmark and other Mobile Payment options, contact your Account Manager.


The form to fill out to apply for Direct Operator Billing can be found on this page:

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