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Sweden - WyWallet - Direct Operator Billing Regulations - Single Click for Mobile Web


Do txtNation provide Direct Operator Billing in the Swedish Market?

txtNation provide Direct Operator Billing across all major mobile networks in Sweden via WyWallet. WyWallet was formed by T4 Sverige, the Swedish operators' joint venture between Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3.

Wywallet has 1.5 millions subscribers registered (April 2015). Note - the whole market has like 2.5 millions subscribers buying stuff before WyWallet. 

'Single Click' for Mobile Web in Sweden:

  • Customer makes first mobile operator payment online, for example through PIN (OTP)

  • Next time the customer gets the option to enable 'Single-click' payments*

  • One-click purchase is being made by the consumer choosing a product and pressing "buy".

The billing is in the background and ends up on the MNO Bill or WyWallet account.

*30 Days is the limit since after this time the end-user operator subscription could be terminated and the MSISDN ported to another WyWallet account and you would debit the wrong end-user.


Please also read the updated version of the "Improved registration purchase process" 


Single Click’ ability can be made available following the first transaction.

txtNation has already launched ‘Single Click’ payment flows in several markets and is set to offer the service in more countries over the following months.


How ‘Single Click’ Payment in Sweden works:

First time user:

Sweden Phone WiFi PNG

Mobile Web; Mobile Network

Sweden Phone WiFi2 PNG

Mobile Web; Mobile Network


2nd (repeat) time user:


Mobile Web; Mobile Network

This is an example and for guidance on how it could look. The payment page(s) and flow is customisable via a pure API.



Further Swedish Flows; PC and Tablet can be seen below:

This is an example and for guidance on how it could look. The page(s), (front end experience) is customisable via our API.

PC WiFi Swedish Mobile Payments

PC with WiFi

Tablet with WiFi

Tablet with WiFi



txtNation work directly with WyWallet (txtNation being only one of several partners certified to do so) as an aggregator, meaning clients that want to connect to WyWallet whilst maintaining existing flows they have had previously with SMS Billing and / or a Short Code, need to go via an aggregator like txtNation (acting as a sub merchant), to perform the connection to the WyWallet platform.

  • WyWallet is exclusively a charger only. txtNation provide the connection for Short Code connectivity to WyWallet. This is required to bill mobile users via SMS or via inApp Billing.

To Note: WyWallet only allow Short Codes to certified aggregators. It is the aggregators role to deal with merchants below them.

  • WyWallet is intended for SMS Payments, Web Payments, inApp Payments and P2P (Peer to Peer transfers).
  • Subscriptions are supported by the WyWallet platform. As far as their system is concerned, each payment is considered as separate. The ERB and Morgan guidelines must still be followed. 
  • 3 billing retries are permitted and if a user has been unchargable for 1 month, they must be unsubscribed.
  • The WyWallet maximum chargeable amount is 2500 SEK (£235~) and the maximum that each consumer can be charged per day is 5000 SEK, however the ERB state that no more than 840 SEK should be charged for physical goods, unless there is a good reason. 
  • WyWallet do not send standard rate messages, these need to go via txtNation.
  • 2 in 3 bus tickets are now being purchased with mobile handsets in Sweden. Approximately 40% of subway tickets are being purchased via handsets.
  • Charitable services do receive a better revenue share agreement, however this needs to be applied for on a per-client basis.
  • A "Prohibited Business Type List" is linked below. Services not on this list are allowed.
  • Trivia/competition/quiz services are not supported.
  • No branding or merchant logos are permitted on the WyWallet window or App at this time.
  • Customer Care number shown on the window is exclusively for payment queries. Merchants should have their own CC listed on their website (can be provided by txtNation as part of our Customer Care).

WyWallet-advantages in short:

  • Improved security for SMS-payments
  • All customers with private mobile subscriptions can continue to pay via the operator invoice (approx. 70% of the SMS payments turnover)
  • The customers can also pay for their SMS purchases using a credit card, via direct transfer or a WyWallet invoice
  • Possibility to make a credit application directly in the WyWallet app
  • Customers with a company mobile phone subscription can now make private SMS purchases

How to get your clients started:

Create a WyWallet-account by:
  • Texting "WW" to 717 98
    • The customer gets a bespoke answer depending on whether or not it is possible for him/her to pay by mobile phone invoice
  • Download the WyWallet app
  • Create an account on

Together with WyWallet you can do a SMS campaign to get your customers registered:

  • WyWallet can help you and send SMSs to all your private postpaid subscription customers from the WyWallet system
    • Ex: “Hi! Do you want to continue to pay your SMS payments on your mobile phone invoice? By answering YES to this text message you will approve WyWallets terms and conditions and continue to pay your SMS payments on your bill – just as before. WyWallet terms and conditions: Best regards, Contant Provider”

  • Have your payment service provider extract the phone numbers of your private postpaid customers
  • WyWallet will send it to your customers and report the success rate.

Direct Operator Billing Regulations in Sweden (using WyWallet)

At this time Direct Operator Billing regulations are based on the same regulatory criteria for all Mobile Payment, Premium Rate and Short code services in Sweden.

To find out more about setting up services for Direct Billing via WyWallet in Sweden and other Mobile Payment options, contact your Account Manager.


The form to fill out to apply for Direct Operator Billing can be found on this page:




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    Compliance Team

    16/04/2015 - Wywallet have launched a new easier registration process for business subscribers. When they try to buy something, on the 1st purchase they will be informed by SMS that they need to be a WyWallet customer to make the purchase and they can just send us the SSN and they will be registered. Instead of paying for the purchase via the mobile phone bill they will receive an invoice from WyWallet.

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