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Ireland - Direct Operator Billing (Charge-to-Bill, Charge2Mobile) Regulations


Do txtNation provide Direct Operator Billing in the Irish Market?

Yes, txtNation provide Direct Operator Billing across all several mobile networks in Ireland - called Charge2Mobile


Direct Billing Regulations in Ireland

At this time Direct Billing regulations are based on the same regulatory criteria as Premium Rate and Short code services in Ireland.

At this time Vodafone and O2 are branding this as Charge to Bill (O2: Charge to Mobile).


For digital merchants (mobile web) Charge to Bill is not suitable and recommend to enable WAP Billing; Single Click payments with Header Enrichment for Ireland: 


Charge 2 Mobile

To find out more about setting up services for Direct Billing with Charge 2 Mobile in Ireland and other Mobile Payment options, contact your Account Manager.


The form to fill out to apply for Direct Operator Billing can be found on this page:


Common Question for Ireland Direct Billing using Charge 2 Mobile:

  • What services is Charge 2 Mobile used for?

At this time physical goods and services are using Charge 2 Mobile. Digital goods can use WAP billing.

  •      As this is different to Premium SMS what is the payout schedule and flow? 

The payout will be based on the category of service (see application - above link) but between 75% and 85% payout is typical.

  •     For subscriptions via Charge to Mobile would this remove the need for a double opt in like with Premium SMS in Ireland?

This is decided on application.

  •     I see in the documentation you mention we can do MSISDN forwarding. Can you do this for all service types or is it limited?  

This is also allowed on a case by case basis. If approved. We recommend if online digtial to use MSISDN Forwarding in Ireland:

  •     Is the flow available for both in-app payments and online payments? 


  •     What are the current estimated set up and lead times to get this up and running for us? 

2-3 weeks from submitting of application.

  •     Is this on an account basis or is it on per short code per service approval?

Per service approval.

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