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UK - Direct Operator Billing (Direct-to-bill) Regulations


txtNation provide Direct Operator Payments across several of the mobile networks in the UK. DOB in the UK uses PayForIt for Mobile and Online Payments.

The PhonepayPlus 12th Code still applies to Payforit, as ruled by Ofcom. 
Using Payforit means that your PP+ obligations are covered in terms of consent to charge. 
However Payforit does not cover your obligations in terms of:
- Misleading promotions, e.g. misleading a user to divert away from the price or by hiding the payment screen. 
- Targeting vulnerable people. 
- Targeting children.
- Non-allowed service types (note with Payforit "Page 3" type services or less revealing are considered non-adult).
The same prior permission requirements exist as usual, e.g. consumer credit, live advice, international calling services, etc. However the requirement to have prior approval for subscription services over £4.50 per week and pay per page are exempt when using Payforit. 
In addition to PhonepayPlus monitoring your services, Vodafone will have an auditing process as of 2013, similar but not the same as o2 who use an external company called WMC Global. 


To find out more about setting up services for Direct Billing in the UK and other Mobile Payment options, contact your Account Manager.

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