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(a-z) The Approval Process - The Customer Care Form


As part of the application process for a shared or dedicated short code, you will usually* need to complete a txtNation Customer Care Form (CCF).

*There are select countries, as highlighted in the Approval Process section of the Regulations and Market Data Forum that show where an alternative form is required, e.g. Ireland, USA, Canada, Poland.

The CCF is used to submit to the carriers for them to provision the shortcode, and used ongoing to ensure that your service tests the same as approval. The form and your draft promotions should be submitted in English, or in English and in the native language for the country your applying for.


You should not put any promotions in a public place before they have been approved, or you risk investigation.


If you have any problems filling it out, don't hesistate to contact us by logging a ticket and we will assist you shortly.


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