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All Countries - Compliance Responsibilities


SMS Service Provider and Aggregator Responsibilities

If you are using our short-codes or billing mechanisms to run your services with direct control of promotions, this is known as a Level 2 (L2) Provider. If you are providing your clients service, allowing other organizations to use the services we provide, you are what is known as an Aggregator or Level 1 (L1) provider. As an L1 Aggregator you have a number of additional responsibilities to ensure that your clients are compliant and conforming to the numerous regulations in each market. 

As an L1 or an L2 you will be provided with the attached / below linked letter that you will be required to sign, agreeing that you will be performing the required due diligence. 

Please either return this by post to "txtNation, Billacombe Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL9 7HX, United Kingdom", or email to, or as a ticket via 

If you have any questions regarding this, we would be most happy to assist.


We recommend using CampaignShield to monitor your mobile payments. Please goto: 

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CampaignShield monitors a companies mobile payments campaigns to ensure they are sufficiently monitored to cater for compliance and service regulations.

CampaignShield is an independent company.

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