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UK - Web Opt-In (Pins) - Regulation and How to Set-up


In the UK you can now deliver Web Opt-In services (PIN Opt-In). No MO (text message sending in) is required in the process for the Premium SMS Billing.


  • Users enters MSISDN on webpage.
  • Users gets PIN (we control / send the PIN)
  • User enter PIN on webpage.
  • User Billed (and Subscribed!)

We work with PinChecked* on these services and is Regulator Approved, PhonepayPlus.

Please contact your Account Manager for more information on PIN opt-in Premium SMS Billing in the UK.


* PinChecked is the only compliant Third Party Pin Verification system for the UK PRS market that offers protection for Service Providers and Customers.


Multiple Channels

PinChecked can used to independently verify a transaction on any channel, therefore can be used on the internet, mobile internet, apps and IVR. 

PinChecked simply overcomes the requirement for MO verification within the sign up flow.  MSISDN forwarding is not provided by PinChecked, so you or your client would have to source it from txtNation.

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    txtNation Support

    Remember no MO message needed for your website. Increase conversions with PIN opt-in for the UK market.

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