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(a-z) txtNation Warning 'Card' Policy


We have a system for dealing with larger scale incidents caused by clients. A yellow card or red card is issued to those clients to warn them of their offence. Such offences include regulatory complaints, technical misconfiguration, rising consumer complaints, or any substantial breach of our terms and conditions.

Depending on the severity of the breach, we issue a Red or Yellow card or issue a simple warning where we feel that a client needs to be given a heads up about their behaviour.

Yellow Card or Red Card?

As guidance, you can use this table to see how we differentiate our policy's on these matters:

Yellow CardRed Card
Reversible damage Irreversible damage
Temporary or short-lived Permanent or lengthy
Low commercial impact Substantial commercial impact
Isolated from other clients Other clients affected
No previous breaches Previous breaches
Partially followed advice Ignored advice
Largely followed terms Largely ignored terms
Proactively provided remedy Failed to provide remedy
Small consumer harm Substantial consumer harm
No complaints from regulator Complaints from regulator
Temporary / no short code suspension    Short code suspension / Service cut off
Little to no possibility of fines High probability of fines


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