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Norway - Direct Carrier Billing (Direct-to-bill) Regulations - mPayment, Direct Charge, GAS, Single Click


Do txtNation provide Direct Carrier Billing in the Norwegian Market?

Yes. txtNation provide Direct Operator Payments (mPayment) across all Mobile Networks in Norway.

We support direct billing across the main mPayment Norway products:


Direct Charge

Enables the merchant to charge the customer when using mobile phone apps or web pages. Suited for services where the customer already is identified, for example services ordered in mobile phone apps like parking or public transport tickets or online content services with log-in to merchant domain like classified ads.

Through direct charge you register your mobile once, by paying through a PIN verification flow. After that the customer has 'Single-Click' experience.

Service providers can make a deeper integration with their customer profiles so that when a user logs into a service their mobile number is active on mPayments to pay through a 'Single-Click'.


Rules for Direct Charge using mPayment:

    • The charge request is based upon the MSISDN of the End User.
    • This requires the Merchant to have identified the MSISDN of the End User in a secure way before sending a charge request, maximum one month in advance.
    • This can be done through sending the End User an SMS with a password that she registers in the Merchant web page, or through look up of the terminal IP address or alias, giving the terminal MSISDN.


 SMS;  SMS Payment flow (MO or MT PIN / OTP)

For sale of digital content services. Enables the merchant to receive orders from customers through a 4-digit shortcode and charge the customer while sending them an SMS. You can also charge for GAS (Physical goods and services) with SMS.



Direct Carrier Billing Regulations in Norway

At this time Direct Operator Billing regulations are based on the same regulatory criteria for all Mobile Payment, Premium Rate and Short code services in Norway.

To find out more about setting up services for Direct Billing in Norway and other Mobile Payment options, contact your Account Manager.


The form to fill out to apply for Direct Operator Billing can be found on this page:

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