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France - Mobile Payments in France - Market Snaphot - Overview


The French Mobile Payment Potential

Figures as of Nov. 2011.


Mobile Communications:

•       Mobile Penetration rate is 96.80%

  • The three most important Mobile Carries are: Orange 47.43%, SFR 35.42% and Bouygues Telecom 17.15%

•       Every month 16 Million users browsed on mobile Internet, the users are mostly men, mainly aged between 16 to 49 years old.

•       37% of mobile phone users went on mobile websites/portals or used mobile apps. This growth is mainly driven by the increase in smartphone ownership in the country.

•       1 out of 3 of all mobile devices are Smartphones in France.


Web and Internet:

  • More than 45 Million Internet users.
  • The main ISP providers are: Bouygues Telecom, SFR, Orange, Alice and Free.
  • The increasing use of the Internet is the main demand growth drivers for  telecommunications services.

•       62% of Internet users already used at least once mobile payment solutions on carriers bills.



Mobile Commerce & Mobile Payments in France

  • France has around 60 million mobile phone subscribers.

•       More than 170€ million were generated in 2010 on the M-Commerce segment in France.

  • In France the most popular methods of payment are the following:
    • Mobile Payment on the carrier invoice: 58.2%
    • Credit Card: 34.8%
    • Other Electronic Money methods: 17.8%

•       More than 80% of the purchases concern games, pictures and videos.

  • 58% of Mobile users already used at least once payment solutions on carriers bills.


Virtual Goods:

•       Currently France has the third highest sales of virtual goods in Europe, with €104.5 million based on the size of the market for virtual goods.


Contact your txtNation Account Manager for more information on accepting Mobile Payments in France.

Please also see France Regulations with regards to Premium SMS.

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