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Morocco - Premium SMS, Short Code Requirements


The regulations in Morocco caters and covers all of the Mobile Payment types, that includes Premium SMS BillingStandard Rate ServicesShort Codes, WAP Billing and Operator Billing.


logo-partner-anrt.jpg L'Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT)


The National Agency for Regulation of Telecommunications, ANRT, is a public institution established under the Prime Minister, with legal personality and financial autonomy. The ANRT was established in February 1998, pursuant to Law No. 24-96 on the Post andTelecommunications, which set the general contours of the reorganization of the postal andtelecommunications in Morocco. This Act was amended and supplemented in November 2004 by theenactment of Law 55-01.




inwi.gif Inwi (Wana*)

* Wana renamed Inwi.

With about 2 million customers, is the third operator with 3G license. With an offer of "Tic Tac" INWI introduced per second billing from the first second. Furthermore, the rate is only 0.07 cents per second for all operators and at any time. The prepaid BlackBerry services in the SIM card to 20 dirhams, or access to MSN Messenger 5 dirhams per hour are all exclusive INWI.



Maroc_telecom_logo_svg.gif  Maroc

Maroc Telecom (Arabic: اتصالات المغرب‎; Itissalatt Al Maghreb; Acronym: IAM) is the main telecommunication company in Morocco. IAM employs around 11,178 employees. It has 8 regional delegations with 220 offices present on all the territory of Morocco. IAM is controlled by Vivendi which has a 53% share of its capital.[1] The company is listed in both Casablanca Stock Exchange and Euronext Paris.



meditel_logo.gif Meditel 

Méditel (or Médi Télécom) is one of three licensed telecommunications operators in Morocco. Its headquarters is based in Casablanca. Méditel obtained the second license of mobile telephony in Morocco in 1999. It began its commercial operations on March 29, 2000.



Market Statistics


Morocco is one of the most advanced telecommunications markets in Africa, featuring a majority-privatised, highly profitable incumbent telco (Maroc Telecom), three fixed and mobile network operators, as well as the highest penetration and some of the lowest prices on the continent for broadband Internet access. The fixed-line market has experienced a renaissance, following the launch of the second and third network operators (Meditel and Wana/Inwi) and fuelled by the growing demand for broadband services. Most of the new connections are wireless and increasingly converging with mobile services. To accommodate the increasing amount of voice and Internet traffic, the operators are upgrading their fibre optic national backbone networks and international connectivity.



Area: Total: 446,550 sq km Land: 446,300 sq km Water: 250 sq km
Cities: Casablanca 3.245 million; RABAT (capital) 1.77 million; Fes 1.044 million; Marrakech 909,000; Tangier 768,000 (2009)
Terrain: northern coast and interior are mountainous with large areas of bordering plateaus, intermontane valleys, and rich coastal plains
Climate: Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior

Nationality: Noun: Moroccan(s) Adjective: Moroccan
Population: 31,968,361 (July 2011 est.)
Annual population growth rate: 1.067% (2011 est.)
Language: Arabic (official), Berber dialects, French (often the language of business, government, and diplomacy)
Flag: flag_morocco.png


Type: constitutional monarchy
Independence: 2 March 1956 (from France)
Constitution: 10 March 1972; revised 4 September 1992, amended September 1996
Branches: chief of state: King MOHAMMED VI; head of government: Prime Minister Abbas EL FASSI; cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the monarch
Political parties: Action Party; Al Ahd Party; Alliance des Libert'es; An-Nahj Ad-Dimocrati; Authenticity and Modernity Party; Choura et Istiqlal Party; Citizens' Forces; Citizenship and Development Initiative; Constitutional Union Party; Democratic and Social Movement; Democratic Forces Front; Democratic Socialist Vanguard Party; Democratic Society Party; Democratic Union; Environment and Development Party; Istiqlal Party; Justice and Development Party; Labor Party; Moroccan Liberal Party; National Democratic Party; National Ittihadi Congress Party; National Popular Movement; National Rally of Independents; National Union of Popular Forces; Popular Movement; Progress and Socialism Party; Reform and Development Party; Renaissance and Virtue Party; Renewal and Equity Party; Social Center Party; Socialist Democratic Party; Socialist Union of Popular Forces; Unified Socialist Left Party
Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

Nominal GDP: $151.4 billion (2010 est.)
GDP per capita: $4,800 (2010 est.)
Annual GDP growth rate: 3.2% (2010 est.)
Natural resources: phosphates, iron ore, manganese, lead, zinc, fish, salt
Agriculture: barley, wheat, citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables, olives; livestock; wine
Industry: phosphate rock mining and processing, food processing, leather goods, textiles, construction, energy, tourism
Trade: Export - Spain 19.7%, France 17.8%, India 5.8%, US 4.2%, Brazil 4.1% (2010) Import - France 16.9%, Spain 14.2%, China 7.9%, US 6.2%, Saudi Arabia 6.1%, Italy 5.9%, Germany 5.4% (2010)



Market Growth

General region↓ Total number of Internet users (thousands)↓ Internet Users per 100 inhab.↓ Total population (thousands)↓ GDP per capita↓ GDP total (thousands)↓ Mobile subscibers per 100 inhab.↓ Total number of mobile subscribers (thousands)↓
Africa 10,442 32.2 31,993 $5,069.78 $163181000 79.1 31,311
[source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]



The dirham (Arabic: درهم, plural: دراهم‎) is the currency of Morocco. Its ISO 4217 code is "MAD". It is subdivided into 100 santimat.

100 MAD in £GBP

100 MAD in $USD

100 MAD in €EUR


Approval Process

As part of the application process for a short code, you will need to complete a txtNation Customer Care Form (CCF).


Promotional Guidelines

There are currently no public regulatory documents available in Morocco. Your CCF will be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Messages Flow Requirements

There are currently no public regulatory documents available in Morocco. Your CCF will be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Service Types

There are currently no set regulations at the time of writing in Morocco. Your CCF will be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Billing Types

We operate on One-In One-Out (IO), Mobile Originated (MO) billed line on shared lines in Morocco. See forum entry "What are the SMS billing types available?" for more information on these billing types.


Shortcodes and Keywords

On our dedicated code in Morocco, we operate on a 4 digit shortcode for each carrier. Adult content is not available.



The current Morocco rate of tax is available via Wikipedia. The out-payments on our rate cards are exclusive of VAT, so if you are VAT registered you can claim a higher outpayment than is shown.


Dedicated Codes 

Dedicated codes are available with a 2 - 5 week lead time depending on carrier availability, the carriers approve based on their backlog, the time of year, price point and service type. You can read more about Short Code Coverage, SMS Billing Services and Mobile Payments in Morocco via the txtNation Gateway.


Morocco has the following Mobile Payment options available, all of which fall under these regulations:

  • Premium SMS (P-SMS) including Short Code services
  • Operator Billing (Direct-to-bill)
  • WAP Billing
  • MSISDN Pass-through

Additional options for Mobile Payments and Messaging in Morocco include:

  • HLR Lookup
  • Bulk SMS

Note: This page is updated as frequently as possible when we are informed from the regulators or mobile operators in Morocco of a change or update in regulations. There may be a latest version of Premium SMS, Mobile Payments or Short Code Regulations in Morocco. Please contact your account manager for more information.

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