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Montenegro - Premium SMS, Short Code Requirements


The regulations in Montenegro caters and covers all of the Mobile Payment types, that includes Premium SMS BillingStandard Rate ServicesShort Codes, WAP Billing and Operator Billing.


Ministry_of_Information_Society_and_Telecommunications.png Ministry of Information Society and Telecommunications

The Montenegrin Government founded a new Ministry of Information Society, the main task of which is to improve the use of modern information and communication technologies. According to the amendments to the Regulation on the Organisation and Functioning of the State Administration adopted on 11 December 2008, the new Ministry replaces the existing Secretariat for Development.




Capture_telenor.PNG  Telenor (Promonte*)

Telenor Montenegro is the first and largest mobile phone operator in Montenegro. Telenor Montenegro went live (as ProMonte*) on July 10, 1996. As of August 11, 2004, Telenor Montenegro is fully owned by Telenor Mobile Communications AS. As of March 2010, Telenor Montenegro holds 39.33% of the Montenegrin Market of Mobile Telephony, or 447067 users.


t-mobile_logo.jpg T-Mobile

 The T-Mobile brand entered the Montenegrin market in 2006 through the acquisition of MoNet GSM mobile provider. T-Mobile Montenegro (T-Mobile Crna Gora) is fully owned by T-Crnogorski Telekom, which is itself owned by Magyar Telekom, a DT subsidiary. Although the acquisition by Magyar Telekom was done in 2005, it was not until September 26, 2006, that the MoNet GSM operator was re-branded as T-Mobile Montenegro.



Market Statistics


Montenegro’s telecom industry has been liberalised and legislation introduced that adopts regulatory principles found in the EU’s regulatory framework for communications, which promotes competition as the most efficient way to offer communications products and services while ensuring universal access. Despite liberalisation the incumbent continues to dominate the fixed-line market although the situation is likely to change following introduction of legislation giving stronger powers to the regulator to improve competition.




Area: Total: 13,812 sq km Land: 13,452 sq km Water: 360 sq km
Cities: PODGORICA (capital) 144,000 (2009)
Terrain: Highly indented coastline with narrow coastal plain backed by rugged high limestone mountains and plateaus
Climate: Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfalls inland


Nationality: Noun: Montenegrin(s) Adjective: Montenegrin
Population: 661,807 (July 2011 est.)
Annual population growth rate: -0.705% (2011 est.)
Language: Serbian 63.6%, Montenegrin (official) 22%, Bosnian 5.5%, Albanian 5.3%, unspecified 3.7% (2003 census)
Flag: Montenegro_Flag-845-48.jpg


Type: Republic
Independence: 3 June 2006 (from Serbia and Montenegro)
Constitution: Approved 19 October 2007 (by the Assembly)
Branches: Chief of state: President Filip VUJANOVIC; head of government: Prime Minister Igor LUKSIC; cabinet: Ministries act as cabinet
Political parties: Albanian Alternative; Coalition for European Montenegro (includes Democratic Party of Socialists, Social Democratic Party, Bosniak Party, and Croatian Civic Initiative; Coalition SNP-NS-DSS (includes Socialist People's Party, People's Party of Montenegro, and Democratic Serbian Party of Montenegro; Democratic League-Party of Democratic Prosperity; Democratic Union of Albanians; For a Different Montenegro (includes Democratic Center and Liberal Party of Montenegro); FORCA; Movement for Changes; National Coalition (includes People's Party of Montenegro and Democratic Serbian Party of Montenegro); New Serb Democracy; Socialist People's Party of Montenegro
Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

Nominal GDP: $6.724 billion (2010 est.)
GDP per capita: $10,100 (2010 est.)
Annual GDP growth rate: 1.1% (2010 est.)
Natural resources: bauxite, hydroelectricity
Agriculture: tobacco, potatoes, citrus fruits, olives, grapes; sheep
Industry: steelmaking, aluminum, agricultural processing, consumer goods, tourism
Trade: Export - Italy 27.9%, Greece 21.6%, Slovenia 11.3%, Hungary 8.5%, US 7.6%, Egypt 4.8% (2009) Import - Italy 17.2%, Slovenia 14.4%, Germany 9.9%, China 7.8%, Austria 7.7%, Russia 6.1%, Greece 4%, Hungary 4% (2009)



Market Growth

General region↓ Total number of Internet users (thousands)↓ Internet Users per 100 inhab.↓ Total population (thousands)↓ GDP per capita↓ GDP total (thousands)↓ Mobile subscibers per 100 inhab.↓ Total number of mobile subscribers (thousands)↓
Europe 303.48 44.9 624 $11,228 $7029000 120.5 1295
[source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]



The euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of Montenegro.

10 €EUR in £GBP

10 €EUR in $USD


Approval Process

As part of the application process for a short code, you will need to complete a txtNation Customer Care Form (CCF).


Promotional Guidelines

There are currently no written regulations at the time of writing for Montenegro. Your CCF will still be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair. You should ensure that pricing and support is included on your promotion.


Messages Flow Requirements

There are currently no written regulations at the time of writing for Montenegro. Your CCF will still be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair. You should ensure that pricing and support is included in your messages. 


Service Types

You are not able to run any services that contains offensive, unsuitable and unlawful content, in particular:

(a) unsuitable for minors

(b) incites crime

(c) describes unlawful sexual activity

(d) promotes violence

(e) causes alarm

(f) breaches a law

(g) breaches a code of practice

 Adult content is allowed, for Telenor this is not allowed before 22:00. 


Billing Types

We operate on Mobile Originated (MO) billed lines and Mobile Terminated (MT) dedicated lines in Montenegro. See forum entry "What are the SMS billing types available?" for more information on these billing types.


Available Tariffs

The only current available tariff in Montenegro is €0.60.

For a more up to date list of tariffs please ask your Account Manager for a Montenegro Premium SMS Rate Card.


Shortcodes and Keywords

On our dedicated code in Montenegro, we operate on a 5 digit shortcode for each carrier.



The current Montenegro rate of tax is available via Wikipedia. The out-payments on our rate cards are exclusive of VAT, so if you are VAT registered you can claim a higher outpayment than is shown.


Dedicated Codes 

Dedicated codes are available with a 2 - 5 week lead time depending on carrier availability, the carriers approve based on their backlog, the time of year, price point and service type. You can read more about Short Code Coverage, SMS Billing Services and Mobile Payments in Montenegro via the txtNation Gateway.


Montenegro has the following Mobile Payment options available, all of which fall under these regulations:

  • Premium SMS (P-SMS) including Short Code services
  • Operator Billing (Direct-to-bill)
  • WAP Billing
  • MSISDN Pass-through

Additional options for Mobile Payments and Messaging in Montenegro include:

  • HLR Lookup
  • Bulk SMS

Note: This page is updated as frequently as possible when we are informed from the regulators or mobile operators in Montenegro of a change or update in regulations. There may be a latest version of Premium SMS, Mobile Payments or Short Code Regulations in Montenegro. Please contact your account manager for more information.

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