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South Korea / Direct Carrier Billing (Direct-to-bill) Regulations


How do I get setup and provisioned for Direct Operator Billing in South Korea?

We have the ability in South Korea (using a Carrier approved payment window) for 'Websites' to provide WOI flow (web opt-in)* using Direct Operator Biling across all major carriers (see Carrier list below) in South Korea. *With WOI - the PIN is entered back into the payment window / page as a means to identify and confirm the billing.

We also have approval and the ability to bill for Mobile Sites and Applications using Direct Billing in South Korea.


txtNation do not provide Premium SMS Short Codes in South Korea. Only Direct Operator Billing is supported in this market.

Approval Process for Direct Carrier Billing

To enable this billing type all clients and merchants must fill out a Service Approval Form for Direct Carrier Billing in South Korea.

Approval time is 2- 3 weeks, providing the application and website is allowed.

  • Approved services for DCB in South Korea are: Website billing (e.g. memberships on site, virtual items),  In-App Billing, Mobile Sites.



Unlike Premium SMS, Minimum volumes are required before enabling Direct Carrier Billing and a working website with clear volume paths showing revenues.


Price Points:

Available on approval.



  • SK Telecom
  • KT
  • LG U+


You must use our payment window for all Direct Carrier Billing in South Korea on websites

This payment window is enabled on approved merchants only.


Mobile Sites and Applications:

For mobile sites and in-app you can bill via our API with no payment window required.


To learn more on DIrect Carrier Billing in South Korea (and to get an application form) with txtNation, contact your Account Manager.


Direct Carrier Billing Regulations in South Korea

To be published shortly.


To find out more about setting up services for Direct Billing in South Korea and other Mobile Payment options, contact your Account Manager.


The form to fill out to apply for DCB can be found on this page:

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