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Tajikistan - Shared Short Code Requirements and Restrictions


The regulations in Tajikistan caters and covers all of the Mobile Payment types, that includes Premium SMS BillingStandard Rate ServicesShort Codes, WAP Billing and Operator Billing.


babilon_t_logo__tajikistan____Google_Search.png Babilon - Network name in txtNations system: BABILON-TJ

The main objective of Babilon-T is to provide clients a range of leading-edge telecommunications services, including telephony, data communications, virtual private networks, intelligent networks, broadband Internet access. The company's clients are able to get from one operator service integrated services.



tcell1.png TCell (Indigo and TK Mobile*) - Network name in txtNations system: INDIGO-TJ/TKMOBILE-TJ

* TeliaSonera owns merge of two operators as Tcell.

The company Tcell Tajikistan is represented by two legally enshrined company: "Indigo Tajikistan", working in the RRS, Khatlon region, Badakhshan and JV CJSC "Somoncom" working in Sughd. Both companies operate in parallel, offering the same services in the telecommunications industry.


mteko-tajikistan.gif Mteko - Network name in txtNations system: MTEKO-TJ



 Megafon (MLT**) - Network name in txtNations system: MLT-TJ

** MLT re-branded as Megafon. 

The name "MegaFon" in Russian looks exactly like the word for a megaphone; other connotations are mega- as "big" and fon as "telephone". Its headquarters are located in Moscow. In 2002 the company changed its name from North-West GSM to MegaFon when it acquired several regional companies, becoming the first GSM company in Russia to cover all its territory. As of February 2007, MegaFon had 30,657,864 subscribers.



Market Statistics


The growth rate peaked in 2007 when Tajikistan’s mobile subscriber expanded at an annual rate of almost 200%. By early 2010 mobiles in Tajikistan had reached 63% penetration, with subscriber growth running at an annual rate of around 25% and overall subscriber numbers having increased sixfold in just three years.



Area: Total: 143,100 sq km Land: 141,510 sq km Water: 2,590 sq km
Cities: DUSHANBE (capital) 704,000 (2009)
Terrain: Pamir and Alay Mountains dominate landscape; western Fergana Valley in north, Kofarnihon and Vakhsh Valleys in southwest
Climate: mid-latitude continental, hot summers, mild winters; semiarid to polar in Pamir Mountains

Nationality: Noun: Tajikistani(s) Adjective: Tajikistani
Population: 7,627,200 (July 2011 est.)
Annual population growth rate: 1.846% (2011 est.)
Language: Tajik (official), Russian widely used in government and business
Flag: flag_tajikistan.png


Type: Republic
Independence: 9 September 1991 (from the Soviet Union)
Constitution: 6 November 1994
Branches: chief of state: President Emomali RAHMON; head of government: Prime Minister Oqil OQILOV; cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president, approved by the Supreme Assembly
Political parties: Agrarian Party of Tajikistan; Democratic Party; Islamic Revival Party; Party of Economic Reform; People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan; Social Democratic Party; Socialist Party; Tajik Communist Party
Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

Nominal GDP: $14.74 billion (2010 est.)
GDP per capita: $2,000 (2010 est.)
Annual GDP growth rate: 6.5% (2010 est.)
Natural resources: hydropower, some petroleum, uranium, mercury, brown coal, lead, zinc, antimony, tungsten, silver, gold
Agriculture: cotton, grain, fruits, grapes, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats
Industry: aluminum, cement, vegetable oil
Trade: Export - Turkey 28.4%, Russia 14.4%, Uzbekistan 10%, Iran 6.2%, China 5.6%, Norway 4.5% (2010) Import - China 35.3%, Russia 23.5%, Kazakhstan 8.3% (2010)



Market Growth

General region↓ Total number of Internet users (thousands)↓ Internet Users per 100 inhab.↓ Total population (thousands)↓ GDP per capita↓ GDP total (thousands)↓ Mobile subscibers per 100 inhab.↓ Total number of mobile subscribers (thousands)↓
Asia 700 10.1 6,952 $767 $4982000 70.5 4500
[source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]



The somoni (Tajik: cомонӣ, ISO 4217 code: TJS) is the currency of Tajikistan. It is subdivided into 100 diram.

10 TJS in £GBP

10 TJS in $USD

10 TJS in €EUR


Approval Process

As part of the application process for a short code, you will need to complete a txtNation Customer Care Form (CCF).


Promotional Guidelines

There are currently no written regulations at the time of writing however your CCF will still be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Messages Flow Requirements

There are currently no written regulations at the time of writing however your CCF will still be evaluated to ensure your service is delivering value for money and is honest and fair.


Service Types

- Adult content is not available.


Billing Types

We operate on Mobile Originated (MO) billed line on shared lines in Tajikistan. See forum entry "What are the SMS billing types available?" for more information on these billing types.


Short codes and Keywords

On our shared code in Tajikistan, we operate on a 4 digit short code for each carrier. 



The current Tajikistan rate of tax is available via Wikipedia. The out-payments on our rate cards are exclusive of VAT, so if you are VAT registered you can claim a higher outpayment than is shown.


Dedicated Codes 

Dedicated codes are not available in Tajikistan. You can read more about Short Code Coverage, SMS Billing Services and Mobile Payments in Tajikistan via the txtNation Gateway.


Tajikistan has the following Mobile Payment options available, all of which fall under these regulations:

  • Premium SMS (P-SMS) including Short Code services
  • Operator Billing (Direct-to-bill)
  • WAP Billing
  • MSISDN Pass-through

Additional options for Mobile Payments and Messaging in Tajikistan include:

  • HLR Lookup
  • Bulk SMS

Note: This page is updated as frequently as possible when we are informed from the regulators or mobile operators in Tajikistan of a change or update in regulations. There may be a latest version of Premium SMS, Mobile Payments or Short Code Regulations in Tajikistan. Please contact your account manager for more information.

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