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All Countries - Initial Compliance Guidelines for your services

Please see the following guidelines listed below you will need to have in place on your landing pages.
You must be sure to submit 'ALL' of your URL's and promotions pre live so we can check for compliance.
Please be sure to read these guidelines below and in this forum now.
See example attached (landing page example) of the type of things we look for on such type promotions.
Failure to have these elements on your sites or promotions will delay approval.
If you require Customer Care (local support numbers, email and support operators), please contact your account manager.
  • Support Customer Care number listed
  • Support number tested and works with live operator (No. ans machines or voice mail allowed)
  • Support Customer Care e-mail and / or support website listed
  • Terms and conditions clearly visible
  • Country specific regulatory data and/or local language
  • Service price missing, clearly visible and correct
  • Short code correct for service type and listed
  • Keyword details correctly listed
Message Flow
  • MT messages local language used
  • MT message character count correct
  • Message flow regulatory requirements
If Relevant:
  • Double opt-in
  • Reminder messages
  • Spending reminders
  • Spending caps
  • Welcome messages
  • Stop confirmations
  • Conforming to billing type
Note the following example is in English language, but you should use the native language for the country for your promotions. 

We recommend using CampaignShield to monitor your mobile payments. Please goto: 

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CampaignShield monitors a companies mobile payments campaigns to ensure they are sufficiently monitored to cater for compliance and service regulations.

CampaignShield is an independent company.

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