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Italy - How can we technically set up our content service in Italy?


Q:  In the Italy / Shared Short Code Requirements and Restrictions It shows that we have to have a link to download content, how can I do this?

A: For Italy there are strict regulations on content services .

As you can see we have to set up a directory for you that links to your systems:[CODE]

For you this you would need to select a two character identifier for example:[CODE] and the code referencing to your system that then has the piece of content for the user.

Please let us know where you would like us to point to for the user to be able to get there content.

Also this is a one in one out country so you can not run subscriptions just one time services.

The short code you should use is "4882885".

In the case of a TIM user your first reply to them must be the free message from the FAQ.

This section of the message:[CODE]:

In place of "[CODE]" you should place a 6 digit number that you can use to identify the users purchase. When the user clicks this link we will redirect the request to a location on your server sending the same code in the same format, upon receiving this you are able to send your billed message.

So data flow is as follows:

Tim Network:

User sends you an SMS, you send reply=0 (action=ir_gateway) free message with

mPush: per fruire del contenuto vai su Il tuo PIN per il re-download: XXXXXX. Aiuto 800 986505

The user then clicks the link which performs the re-direct to your server and the content is accessed.

At this point you can then send the reply = 1 (action=ir_response) billed message to the users handset (replying to their initial request).

For all other networks you may reply directly with a billed message to their incoming request (no need to wait for the link to be accesses before billing).

mPush: per fruire del contenuto vai su Il tuo PIN per il re-download: XXXXXX. Aiuto 800 986505

So when setting up please provide the support team whit the location we should re-direct users.


If you have any further questions on this, please log a support ticket and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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