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UK - SMS Billing - txtNation Billing Shared Short Codes


Q. Why do I get  billed messages from different shortcode numbers when I text in.

A. The reason you get text messages from multiple billing shortcodes is because only one shortcode can have one tariff. 

The list of tariffs and price point associated with them are:

68899 & 60999:

Price SMS From Type
£10 79910 non-adult
£5 80556 non-adult
£3 84459 non-adult
£2 63320 non-adult
£1 84383 non-adult
£1.50 80876 non-adult
£0.50 68899 non-adult
£0.25 87103 non-adult

.Please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any issues or questions on this topic

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