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WORLDWIDE - Premium SMS, Retry and Failure messages with SMS Billing


Worldwide txtNation Managed Retry Policy:

As default txtNation manage a retry policy for you. The policy frequency varies by the country, the service type, billing type, delivery report availability and also according to data analysis, aiming to extract the most money with as few retries as possible. Because there are no fees on txtNation managed retries, and because of the manual work involved when processing and analysing the process, successfully retried messages are paid out at 50%, and the money goes into a holding account balance for an additional 6 months after the normal payout date incase the user disputes the retried transaction, e.g. should a user top-up and re-purchase via a new transaction, the successfully retried transaction will be refunded.

You can request for this to be switched off, or should txtNation identify that you are performing retries on failed messages, we will switch this off on your behalf.


For more information about this please contact your account manager.


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